Embarcadero Data Modeling Newsflash - February 2015

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  February 2015, Issue 1

WEBINAR: Make Your Data Models More Manageable - February 19

How big is your data model? Are you working with very large data models that include complex entity relationships across multiple business units? Sub-models can help you to organize those models, by aligning sections of your data model to specific business functions or organizational structures, with synchronization back to the main model. In this session, Rob Loranger will show you:

  • How to decompose a model into multiple layers using nested sub-models
  • Display options by role or business unit
  • Entity/attribute traceability through Where Used and Universal Mappings

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WEBINAR: Working with Different Kinds of Data - February 26

Can you easily reconcile the objects in diverse data sets to establish a common set of metadata? To help you address the challenges of working with different kinds of data, David Loshin will share his thoughts and experiences, and discuss how business-process-oriented data and metadata modeling can help:

  • Establish control over the interpretation of multiple data sources
  • Harmonize information concepts
  • Facilitate semantic consistency and information conformance

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WHITE PAPER: Make the Most of Your Metadata

There are multiple considerations for collaborating on metadata within an organization, and you need a good metadata strategy to define and manage the right processes for a successful implementation. In this white paper, David Loshin of Knowledge Integrity describes how to enhance enterprise knowledge sharing by using collaborative metadata for structure, content, and semantics.

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WEBINAR: Make the Switch to ER/Studio – Discover the Difference!

Before joining Embarcadero’s Product Management team, Ron Huizenga worked as an independent consultant for 20 years. He used both ERwin and ER/Studio with a wide range of customers, and based on his personal experience, he explains the top 10 reasons why he made the switch to ER/Studio, with topics including:

  • How your ERwin experience gives you the fast-track on learning the ER/Studio user interface
  • How ER/Studio performs some operations differently and why it’s beneficial
  • How easily and accurately ERwin models can be imported into ER/Studio

Get your ERwin migration questions answered! Sessions will be scheduled every week through the end of April to provide multiple options to attend, so choose the date that’s convenient for you.

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SWEEPSTAKES: You Could Win an Android Tablet when you Try Embarcadero Data Modeling Tools

Download and activate a free 14-day trial of our popular ER/Studio suite by March 31, 2015 and you're entered for a chance to win an Android tablet. You must download, install and register the trial to qualify. See the trial page for rules.


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