InterBase NewsFlash - March 2015

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March 2015

See What’s New in InterBase XE7

InterBase® XE7 is a full-featured, high performance, encryptable, multiplatform and scalable relational database for developers who are looking to embed a low-cost, zero admin, lightweight, secure database into their cross platform connected applications. With InterBase XE7 you get powerful access control, data change management, disaster recovery and journaling, as well as support for popular database drivers for increased deployment flexibility.

New features in InterBase XE7 include:

  • Change Views
  • Linux 64-bit, RHEL 7 and Ubuntu Support
  • 64-bit Transaction IDs
  • Fast Backup Format – Incremental Data Dumps

New in InterBase XE7


InterBase Change Views Deep Dive

This blog post series from Stephen Ball gives an overview of the powerful Change View technology in InterBase XE7. The first post gives a general overview and an introduction to the key concepts. Part 2 describes the steps for creating a Change View. Part 3 explores how to use a Change View to collect data that has changed.

Learn about InterBase Change Views


Are you up to date? Get the latest InterBase XE7 Developer Edition or Trial

If you’re currently developing with InterBase XE3 or an earlier version, you don’t have access to all of the latest features and performance in InterBase XE7. You’re invited to download a free 90 day trial of InterBase Server and/or a free non-expiring InterBase XE7 and experience the latest that advances.

InterBase XE7 Free Downloads


Connecting to InterBase from Visual Studio

Check out this blog post for how to get started connecting to InterBase from Visual Studio.

Learn More


Have questions about your InterBase licenses or ready to deploy more?

Special licensing programs are available for ISVs, OEMs and VARs who want to embed InterBase with their applications. Contact an Embarcadero InterBase specialist for information on these licensing options including a silent InterBase install as part of your end-user customer install experience.

Contact an InterBase Licensing Specialist at 1-888-233-2224


Get the Latest Updates via Social Media and the Embarcadero Community

Now you can get informational resources and tips for data modelers and architects when you follow InterBase onTwitterGoogle+ and the new Embarcadero Community web site. Click to see what's new and follow us for the latest updates.

Connect with Embarcadero


Special Offers on RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder with InterBase Mobile Development

Now is a great time to make the move to the XE7 version of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. XE7 includes the latest InterBase drivers and everything you need to build mobile apps with InterBase for Android and iOS. There are also special offers for the month of March including the next major version free when you buy or upgrade to RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder XE7.

RAD Studio XE7 Special Offers


Season's Greetings from Embarcadero

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Embarcadero Seasons Greetings 2014

Season's Greetings from Embarcadero.
We Wish You a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

RAD Studio  | ER/Studio  | DB PowerStudio 

Embarcadero is committed to providing the industry's broadest and deepest set of software tools for developers, DBAs, and architects. Widely recognized for its award-winning products, Embarcadero enables customers to work more efficiently with the industry's major database platforms, operating systems, frameworks, and programming languages. Embarcadero's heterogeneous tools enable customers to design, build, and run their databases and applications in the environments they choose, free from the constraints, costs, and learning curves associated with multiple platform-specific tools. 

第29回デベロッパーキャンプ – セッションスピ...

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    第29回 エンバカデロ・デベロッパーキャンプ開催概要(案):

  • 日程(予定):
    • 大阪開催: 2014年11月7日(金)
    • 東京開催: 2014年11月11日(火)
  • 参加費:無料(事前登録制)
  • 主要なトピック:Delphi / C++Builderによるモバイル開発、DataSnapやEMSによる多層開発、RAD Studio活用テクニック、クロスプラットフォーム開発、開発事例、チュートリアルなど



  • Delphi、C++などの開発言語、ツール活用のテクニック、チュートリアル
  • 旧バージョンからの移行TIPSなど
  • モバイルやタブレット向け開発、クロス開発など、新しいプラットフォームへの適用例
  • 関連する技術(データベース、ミドルウェア、ツール)の活用テクニック
  • Delphi/C++Builderユーザーの視点から見たエンバカデロのデータベースツール活用例
  • 最新のソフトウェア開発技術に関する情報
  • 最新バージョンを適用した開発例
  • エンバカデロ製品を利用した開発事例、技術的ポイントの紹介


  • 60分


  • 25,000円


デベロッパーキャンプのセッションスピーカーを希望される方は、「第29回デベロッパーキャンプ講師応募」という件名で、以下の情報を This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. までお送りください。

  • 氏名(フリガナ)
  • 会社名
  • 部署名
  • 役職
  • プロフィール
  • メールアドレス
  • 電話番号
  • 講演内容案(テーマ/セッション概要など)
  • 対象製品/言語
  • セッションタイプ(チュートリアル/テクニカル/ケーススタディ/プレビュー/その他)
  • 講演希望場所: 東京 および/または 大阪

本申し込みにより収集した個人情報につきましては、個人情報保護法及びエンバカデロ・テクノロジーズのガイドラインに基づき適切に管理いたします。エンバカデロ・テクノロジーズのプライバシーポリシーの詳細につきましては、 をご参照ください。


  • 2014年9月26日


エンバカデロ・テクノロジーズ インフォメーションサービスセンター
TEL:03-4577-4520 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
受付時間:月曜~金曜 10:00~12:00/13:00~17:00(土・日・祝および弊社休業日を除く)

InterBase NewsFlash Newsletter - August 2014

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InterBase NewsFlashEmbarcadero
Multi-Device Database News
August 2014


InterBase Roadmap

Interested in what’s coming in the future for InterBase? The InterBase product roadmap has been updated with new information on InterBase technologies expected in 2014 and beyond.

See the InterBase product roadmap


Cross-platform Secure Database Storage for Mobile & Desktop

Data storage is a critical part of any application, especially as more and more business applications adopt mobile platforms. CIO's are embracing BYOD as a way to mobilize their workforce, but this brings a number of risk factors that data controllers need to factor into risk analysis. In this video, we explore how to give your applications the edge and provide key information you need to be aware of as suppliers of mobile applications.

Watch the secure database storage video


Interested in becoming an InterBase beta tester?

Are you a serious InterBase user and would you like to be among the first to experience and give feedback on new features of upcoming versions? We have a limited number of spaces for additional beta testers for InterBase. Contact your Embarcadero account rep to join as a tester.

Contact sales regarding beta testing


InterBase XE3 Updates and Performance Monitoring

Watch this video replay from the CodeRage online developer conference to learn how InterBase delivers on the Multi-Device Application Development and Deployment promise with new offerings for Mobile OS platforms. This session highlights InterBase XE3 Update releases done this year. Also, part of the session showcases InterBase performance monitoring and how a developer and administrator can utilize the performance monitoring data from InterBase to fine tune their deployments and improve the health of their database performance.

Learn about InterBase for mobile and performance monitoring


New! IBLite - Runtime Royalty Free Version of InterBase for Android and iOS

IBLite is a freely deployable, embeddable database for Android and iOS that runs in a stand-alone environment and allows deployment of apps which directly utilize the InterBase engine. IBLite is available exclusively with Delphi and C++Builder (Professional with Mobile and above), RAD Studio XE6 (all editions) and Appmethod. Upgrade from IBLite to InterBase ToGo edition for additional functionality including encryption, multi-core support and larger database file sizes.

Learn more about InterBase product editions



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Taking your SQL Server and Oracle Data to Mobile with InterBase

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Here's a new video in the InterBase Labs series, featuring Stephen Ball.

Taking your SQL Server and Oracle Data to Mobile with InterBase

Learn how to take your SQL Server or Oracle data to mobile in mobile apps using InterBase. Reverse engineer from SQL Server or Oracle using ER/Studio and then push the model into InterBase.

InterBase Database: InterBase Labs and Tutorials

Through a series of step-by-step instructional videos, Stephen Ball and Al Mannarino, veteran InterBase trainers, will guide you to a deeper understanding of this powerful database. You will gain the solid foundation of knowledge upon which to use this amazing database for your most creative projects. Learn more >

InterBase NewsFlash Newsletter - July 2014

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InterBase NewsFlashEmbarcadero
Multi-Device Database News
July 2014


InterBase XE3 Update 4 Hotfix 2

If you haven’t yet downloaded the latest Updates or Hotfixes for InterBase XE3, take a look to make sure you are using the latest version and have all the latest fixes.

Get InterBase Updates


InterBase XE3 is now available for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

InterBase XE3 has a lot of new functionality since its original release including Linux and Mobile versions. If you are using an older version of the Developer Edition, check out the latest downloads. You can also get the latest InterBase Developer Edition, IBLite free mobile edition and InterBase ToGo embeddable edition in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE6.

InterBase Downloads


Creating Secure Database Applications Using InterBase

Data security is a hot topic right now. When it comes to securing your data and applications, small changes can make a massive difference. If you want to learn how to help reduce the risk of being hit by the next Heartbleed and how to reduce the time and effort to managing security, then this webinar is for you. Topics covered in this on-demand webinar include:

  • Preventing privilege abuse using role based authentication
  • Avoiding database communication protocol vulnerabilities
  • Parameterized queries and defending against SQL injection
  • The dangers of unencrypted file storage and backups
  • Consistent security across multiple platforms with InterBase

Watch the InterBase webinar on demand

White Paper

Mobilizing Enterprise Data White Paper

This report summaries the challenges of mobilizing data for business and articulates the most common mistakes that organizations make, along with guiding principles for mobilizing enterprise data.

Get the Mobilizing Enterprise Data Whitepaper

SDK Pack

New! InterBase SDK Pack - Easy access to licenses for development and testing

The new InterBase SDK (Software Development Kit) Pack is a first step to becoming an InterBase VAR. The SDK Pack is available at a nominal cost and gives you InterBase licenses to use through the development process, for demo purposes, and for testing the silent installation process and usage reporting. Visit the new InterBase VAR web page to learn more about the program and new SDK Pack.

SDK Pack and VAR Program info

SD Times 100

Embarcadero Named to the SD Times 100

Recognized among the industry's top leaders, innovators and influencers in the Database and Database Management category.

Find out more here



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Embarcadero Developers ニュースレター 2014年7月号

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E M B A R C A D E R O   D E V E L O P E R S   N E W S L E T T E R

RAD Studio XE6を





  • Appmethodフリー版を提供開始、Androidスマホアプリ開発機能を無料で
  • Appmethodでカメラアプリ作成に挑戦してみよう!
  • C++でマルチデバイス開発を始めるための技術情報
  • 本日7月16日17時からはUstreamで「C++特集」
  • 企業向けモバイル開発に取り組む前にチェックしておくべきこと
  • RAD Studio XE6の新機能評価に役立つドキュメント
  • C++でマルチデバイス開発を始める方のためのセミナーも開催
  • その他のイベント・セミナー情報


  • Embarcadero Developer Network - EDN新着記事ほか

【CodeZine人気記事】C++でAndroid/iOS (iPhone、iPad)両対応のネイティブなスマホアプリを作る





無料版は、最初の30日間、Android、iOS、Windows、Mac OS X向けの開発機能を利用できます。30日を経過したのちは、Androidベースのスマートフォン向けの開発機能のみ期限なく無料で利用できます。また、有料版に切り替えることで、複数プラットフォーム向けの開発も可能になります。









This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



WindowsのC++開発スキルや既存のC++コードをお持ちの方で、モバイルを含むマルチデバイス開発を行いたいという方には、C++BuilderまたはRAD Studioがおススメ。















RAD Studio XE6の新機能評価に役立つドキュメント

「RAD Studio XE6 機能評価ガイド」を公開。従来のVCLアプリとモバイルアプリを連携させるアップテザリングを用いたデモで、新機能の活用法を紹介します。トライアル版と併せてご活用ください。



セミナー / ワークショップ

「RAD Studio XE6 - モバイル開発体験ワークショップ」
RAD Studioによるモバイル開発の概要を理解できるとともに、製品導入の効果について学ぶことができる体験型ワークショップ。

  • 日程:7月17日(木)18:00~19:30
  • 会場:エンバカデロ 飯田橋オフィス セミナールーム

旧バージョンのDelphi / C++Builderからの移行に際して起こりうる問題を理解し、具体的な移行計画を立てられるように、技術的なポイントを学習。

  • 日程:8月5日(火)14:00~16:30
  • 会場:エンバカデロ 飯田橋オフィス セミナールーム


Developers Summit 2014 Summer(主催・翔泳社)
「Cloud」「Enterprise Mobile」そして変化に立ち向かう「Story」の3つのトラック。エンバカデロでは、「Enterprise Mobile」トラックで、「もう怖くないモバイルアプリ開発!-知って得する実践Android/iOS業務システム開発」と題した講演を行います。

  • 日程:7月31日(木)10:30~18:30
  • 会場:御茶ノ水ソラシティカンファレンス

Embarcadero Developer Network - EDN新着記事ほか








こんにちは。いがぴょんこと伊賀敏樹です。先日Appmethod最新版が公開されました。これに刺激を受け、私もスマホアプリを開発してGoogle PlayとApp Storeに登録しようと思い立ちました。Appmethodを使ってAndroidとiOS向けのアプリを作成します。このアプリを登録しようとしてみると、最初はとても大変に感じられました。一度経験があればどうでもないことが、初回だと大変なのです。もしスマホアプリ公開を考えられている方は、アプリそのものの開発と並行してアプリ登録の練習をしておかれることを強くお奨めします。皆さんも、開発にはぜひAppmethodを活用してみてくださいね。


エンバカデロの最新情報は、Embarcadero Developer Network | Twitter   |  Facebook  で入手してください!


Copyright © 2014 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Embarcadero、Embarcadero Technologies ロゴならびにすべてのエンバカデロ・テクノロジーズ製品またはサービス名は、Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.の商標または登録商標です。その他の商標はその所有者に帰属します。

エンバカデロ・テクノロジーズ -

Article originally contributed by Embarcadero Japan

InterBase Roadmap July 2014

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Disclaimer: The information included in this roadmap does not constitute, and should not be construed as, a promise or commitment by Embarcadero to develop, market or deliver any particular product, feature or function. The timing and content of Embarcadero’s future product releases could differ materially from the expectations discussed here. Embarcadero reserves the right to change its product plans or roadmap at any time.

    Features and Technologies Delivered in InterBase XE3

During 2013, the primary goal of the InterBase team was to deliver the InterBase XE3 engine to the new platforms being targeted by the RAD Studio team to support true multi-platform, write once run anywhere capabilities. With the launch of RAD Studio XE4 (iOS) and XE5 (Android) the InterBase team delivered the InterBase XE3 engine to the new platforms through scheduled updates.

As the new platforms where delivered as part of scheduled updates to the InterBase engine, the team also achieved delivering backwardly compatible binary files support between the new platforms and the existing supported XE3 ones, thus enabling easy migration to the new platforms of existing databases. In addition to the mobile platforms, Linux has also been added to the XE3 engine moving up from InterBase XE.

2013 also saw the launch of IBLite, a run time royalty free version of the InterBase XE3 engine, powered by the InterBase ToGo binaries providing an embedded database engine for mobile with the ability to upgrade to InterBase ToGo seamlessly and without re-deployment.

As InterBase has been enabled onto new platforms that realistically process larger volumes of licenses there has also been improvements to the ISV/VAR program to support developers / ISV.

As part of the updated VAR program, InterBase now has an SDK pack for developers with enhanced testing licenses providing full silent install (that work in conjunction with the call home reporting) to provide easy to access deployment information via an online portal. The greatly reduces the requirements for a VAR to use InterBase.

Here is a summary of the key features added to InterBase XE3

  • New mobile embedded platforms
    • iOS Support
    • Android support
  • New server edition platform
    • Linux 32bit support
  • IBLite for iOS and Android (based on InterBase ToGo)
  • New enhanced ODBC drivers
  • New ADO.Net (32bit and 64bit) drivers
  • Enhanced JDBC connection property
  • Faster disaster recovery with enhanced parallel restore engine.
  • Enhanced global temporary table support
  • Call home registration

For more details on what was new visit

    Features and Technologies Expected in 2014

The theme for 2014 is around expanding the usability of InterBase around data movement.

As IBLite has also proved very popular on Android and iOS, following a number of requests, the InterBase team has worked to deliver the embedded IBLite version for Windows and Mac OS X for XE3. (Keep an eye out for that soon).

IBLite will then be able to move a database between platforms seamlessly using the core of the InterBase engine for FREE!

While the easy movement of data files between platforms is one thing, the InterBase team is also working to develop easier tracking of changes to enable the developer to locate changes that have happened in their data; more on this exciting enhancement to follow.

This is a summary of the other features the InterBase team is working on for 2014:

  • Linux 64bit support
  • Enhanced default character set management for new databases.
  • Larger transaction ID support enabling databases to run even longer between back-up and restore.
  • Developer managed inbuilt tracking of modified data for the purposes of modern replication / synchronization requirements.
  • Faster database dumps
  • Embeddable client driver
  • Updated demo SVN using new database technologies in RAD Studio.
  • Documentation moved to searchable DocWiki

    Features and Technologies Expected after 2014

Beyond 2014 there are a number of key features the team is looking to evaluate in addition to the current targeted features, including:

  • Core engine speed enhancement with additional parallel processing.
  • Coded functions (enabling UDF capabilities with ToGo where platforms do not allow external libraries, e.g. iOS)
  • Desktop edition on more platforms.
  • More demos for the most popular development tools.
  • Enhanced Index Optimizations.

Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: