Resolving error "unavailable database"

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Connecting to an InterBase database using the Visigenic ODBC 
driver and getting error "unavailable database".

The information in this article applies to:
  * InterBase v4.x
  * InterBase v5.x

Check the following:

*  This error is often associated with the InterBase server not being started.
   Check to make sure that the InterBase server is started.

*  Was the database copied over from another machine without doing a
    proper backup and restore?

*  Is the InterBase server running as Local InterBase or Client/Server 
   InterBase?  If local, add the license so it will run client/server.
   After switching over to client/server, make the proper changes in the 
   data source (dsn) configuration to reflect remote instead of local 

* What are the permissions on the database?  Does the accessing user 
   have read/write permission to the database?  

*  Make sure the path to the database is a local path to the 
   server and not a mapped drive path.  InterBase does not 
   work with mapped drives.

Article originally contributed by Borland Staff

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