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RAD Studio 10 Seattle and RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin have offered specific support for many features of Windows 10, and the Anniversary Edition (of Update 2) of RAD Studio 10.1 adds more, including the ability to generate Appx packages using the Windows Desktop Bridge and offer full support for Microsoft Windows 10 application Store.


You can find a summary of the features that were already part of the Berlin 10.1 release in the article at As I highlighted there,

"RAD Studio is the only tool that gives developers the ability to leverage existing code and also support the latest Windows APIs. Clearly, RAD Studio has the best migration path to the latest editions of Windows 10."

Windows 10 Support in Previous Versions

This is a summary of the Windows 10 features that were already in the product:

  • The best available support for the traditional WinAPI encapsulated via the VCL library and for Windows COM subsystem. This is unmatched by any other tool and library
  • Great cross platform support with the ability to build applications with FireMonkey on Windows, migrate them to macOS, but also on tablets using the iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Styling support for legacy VCL applications, to modernize their UI seamlessly and with very limited effort
  • A collection of WinRT UI controls (added in 10 Seattle) that offer a modern look-and-feel to your controls in the context of the existing VCL library, and in a way that offers full compatibility between Windows 7 and Windows 10


  • Support for native WinRT APIs, to leverage new specific Windows 10 features, with ready-to-use components for notifications and contracts

  • Easy migration for old VCL applications to the latest versions of Windows, compared to a complete rewrite with a different language and framework

Windows 10 Support in Berlin Anniversary Update

On top of these existing features, the latest Update 2 of Berlin adds some incredible new capabilities for Windows developers, specifically those focused on VCL (but not only):

  • There are new Windows 10 styles you can immediately leverage
  • There are two new Calendar controls (CalendarView and CalendarPicker), which let you add new WinRT like UI elements to a VCL application,m without loosing Windows 7 compatibility.

Supporting Windows Store Distribution

RAD Studio is the first IDE with integrated support for the Windows Desktop Bridge and I think this is a clear indication of the importance we put in allowing our customers to migrate their existing code into the future, rather than pushing them to continuously rewrite their applications for the sake of the platform. The Appx distribution and the Windows Store support are likley going to revolutionize Windows software distribution, bot for Enterprises and end users. Having the ability to take your existing VCL applications and your newer multi-device applications to the Windows Store in such a seamless way can certainly open up new opportunities to your business.

Microsoft is looking for more applications to be available on the store, will yours be the next one?

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