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This week’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Spotlight – Germán Estévez
Germán is an analyst and programmer from Barcelona, Spain. He studied programming at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. While he's programming in a wide variety of languages, Delphi captivates much of his attention. A Delphi programmer since Delphi 3, he is also working on persistence frameworks for Oracle, SQLServer, InterBase and Firebird. He is a moderator and administrator on the Spanish forums ClubDelphi. You can also find him on Stack Overflow.
German Estevez
Variable Item Height with TListView in 10.1 Berlin - Sarina DuPont
We have a great new demo that shows you how to calculate text dimensions and how to dynamically adjust the item height in a ListView so that the text fits inside.
When ListView items are just being created, the drawable objects that comprise the visual presentation of the content are not created immediately. This usually happens when the ListView is being painted for the first time...
Closing the Class Helpers Private Access Loophole - Marco Cantù
As many of you know, Embarcadero made a change to the Delphi compiler in 10.1 Berlin to close an existing bug that allowed access to private data of any class via a class helper. Developers who were leveraging this hack would need a migration strategy.
Build Online and Offline Chat Bots with AIML for FireMonkey in Delphi 10.1 Berlin on Android and IOS - FMX Express
All of the big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft seem to be building bots these days with Alexa (Amazon Echo), Cortana (Windows 10), Siri, Viv, Facebook Messenger bots, and Google Home. You can get in on the chat bot building frenzy with Firemonkey in Delphi Berlin using an upgraded version of PascAlice.
Getting Started with C++ programming - the videos, articles, examples and docs - David I.
It is great to hear from developers who want to learn a new programming language. Some of you may know that I am a programming language and compiler junkie and have been one for the past 46 years ever since I wrote my first program in Fortran...
I recently received an email from a developer who had Algol and C# programming experience and wanted to get started with C++ programming using C++Builder. Here are the notes and links I sent back in response. I hope these links will also help other developers get started with modern C++ programming...
Delphi Tip – When the debugger fails to attach to an Android app - Craig Chapman
Sometimes, if your application fails during start-up, the RAD Studio debugger can fail to attach making it difficult to debug the problem. So what should you do?
The debugger usually has plenty of time to attach to the android process because the FMX start-up code takes sufficient time to load. There are occasions when this can fail...
Get the new Powered By, Built With and Built For Logos - Jim McKeeth
The Embarcadero Cool App contest is showing a lot of very cool apps that are built with Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio, InterBase and FireMonkey. So we've created some new graphics you can use to proudly show off your favorite development tool.
Package Magician v1.0.3 - Uwe Raabe
Those of you who use Package Magician (and probably those who don’t yet) may be interested to know that I have uploaded a new version V1.0.3 with the following fixes and enhancements.
Use Supersampling for offscreen bitmaps on Delphi Mobile - Thomas Grubb
A common method for painting drawings is to draw to an offscreen bitmap and then draw the bitmap to your canvas (say a TPaintBox) as needed. This is generally used when you create a drawing that does not change often; drawing once to an offscreen bitmap and then as needed on repaints to the real canvas can be very efficient. However...
Snapping Windows to monitor halves / quadrants - Thomas Mueller
You probably know about the Windows 7+ feature to snap a window to the left or right side of the monitor via Windows+Left / Windows+Right hotkey. You might even know that Windows 10 extended this to snap a window to the top or bottom and even to one of the quadrants of your monitor.
Submitting Apps to Mobile Stores - Marco Cantù
A video fragment of last week Mobile Development webinar with my portion of the recording, covering submitting apps to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, is available on YouTube. While it is not a detailed step by step tutorial -- that could take hours -- it highlights the main steps and issues when submitting mobile apps built with RAD Studio to the two most popular app stores.
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