Cool App Winner: FrameForge Previz Studio

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FrameForge Previz Studio is the next winner of our Cool App Contest. Developed in Delphi for Windows, FrameForge is a 3D pre-visualization software package used to create storyboards for use in television, movies and other video production. It is really quite impressive and powerful.

I think Luis Navarro, one of our fabulous MVPs and a Cool App contest judge said it great, “FrameForge is really impressive. I liked a lot of other apps in the contest, but FrameForge Previz Studio seems to be a top application in its market. It is a good example of the flexibility of Delphi. If someone can do this using Delphi, then anything can be done using Delphi.”

I interviewed Ken Schafer, founder and Lead Program Architect of Innoventive Software about FrameForge and its use of Delphi. He provided a list of some of the components used in FrameForge:Cool App Contest

  • Our own DLL written in C++ that supplies all the core 3D OpenGL environment
  • AlphaTools -- Skinning
  • Eurekalog - Trace-log and Exception Tracking
  • GExperts and CNWizards - IDE Plug-ins
  • ImageEn - Image Processing Library
  • KaZip and VCLZip -- Compression Libraries
  • TIEHTTPS -- Internet library
  • WP Tools - Word Processing Engine

He also mentioned a few shows that FrameForge was used on . . .

  • Downton Abbey
  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The Flash
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Merlin
  • CSI
  • Leverage
  • Carmen in 3D at the Royal Opera House
  • Orphan Black

Downton Abbey and Carmen in 3D and the only shows on the list that I have not seen, yet.

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