Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers - #10/2016

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Weekly Round-up
Embarcadero Announces Release Updates for RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi by David I.
RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
10.1 Berlin expands developers’ ability to use a single codebase to rapidly develop applications for any device, while FireUI enhancements allow multiple device previews in real time.




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What’s New in RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi - DocWiki

The Berlin release contains the following new and improved features...



This week’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Spotlight – Danny Wind
Danny Wind is an experienced Delphi trainer, consultant and Delphi MVP. His favorite subjects are Delphi Programming, FireMonkey, User Interfaces and Threading. Meet Danny as a speaker on Developer Days, at SDN conferences, and Delphi launch events in the Netherlands or Belgium, or go to one of the Delphi training days in the Netherlands.  
He is also a frequent presenter at Embarcadero’s CodeRage online virtual conference. At CodeRage 9 and X, he presented the awesome technical Delphi Parallel Programming Library sessions:  


New SHA-3 permutation kernel by Eric Grange

A new kernel for SHA-3 (Keccak) cryptographic hashing has been committed to the DWScript repository. It is almost 3 times faster than the Pascal version, makes use of MMX asm, and involved an “ad hoc compiler”.



FMX ObjectDebugger run-time Object Inspector for Delphi FireMonkey applications by Daniel Horn

The FMX ObjectDebugger is a run-time Object Inspector for Delphi FireMonkey applications (Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac OS X, iOS, Android).



Who watches the watchers? by Allen Bauer

While continuing on my quest of researching solutions to over-zealous track-pad scrolling in Chrome, I discovered a really disconcerting issue with the Direct Composition interface APIs...



Delphi LeakCheck library for FireMonkey by Honza Rames

LeakCheck is a memory manager extension that adds leak checking functionality. Main difference from the default memory manager is multi-platform implementation of leak checking with DUnit and DUnitX integration.



Security assumptions by Robert Love

When it comes to application security there is lots of discussion on the Internet about web applications and network security.



SQL Injection by Robert Love

Today I want to show the most common mistake, and exploit that I have ever seen. It impacts all languages and all SQL Based databases. It's called SQL Injection...



IDE Explorer Updated by David Hoyle

I’ve just released an updated version of the very old IDE Explorer. This new version (RAD Studio 2010 to XE10) uses the new RTTI unit which was introduced in RAD Studio 2010 and provide access to Fields, Methods, Properties and Events for all scopes of information.



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