Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers - #8/2016

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Weekly Round-up

Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers

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This week’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Spotlight – Jens Fudge
This week we are highlighting Jens Fudge of Middelfart, Denmark as our MVP of the week. Jens is a long time Delphi developer who works for Exotech and Archersoft. He helps organize the Danish Delphi User Group DAPUG, specifically getting speakers to their biannual workshop. Jens also regularly teaches Delphi training courses.

Beyond software development, Jens is an accomplished archer and beer brewer. He instructs and judges archery competitions, and in 1992 he won the gold medal in archery at the Paralympic games in Barcelona. Read more >>


Join our club of elite Embarcadero developers - show us your Cool Apps!
by David I.

Join our club of elite developers by showcasing your app and enter to win $2,000 in Embarcadero Credits!

Medical Device Software Design class at the University of Trieste Italy is using C++Builder 10 Seattle by David I.

Professor Antonio Bartolozzi, University Contract Professor, is using Embarcadero C++Builder 10 Seattle in his "Medical Device Software Design" class at the University of Trieste in Trieste Italy. The class covers both medical device standards, requirements, specifications, quality management as well as software design, development, testing and certification topics. Read more >>

Integrating enterprise application (Salesforce, SAP, Biztalk ...) data with your Delphi & C++Builder projects using FireDAC & CData ODBC by David I.

Our Embarcadero technology partner, CData, has a wide range of tutorials in their support knowledge base that show Delphi and C++Builder developers how to integrate enterprise application data into your projects. Read more >>


Great success for RAD Studio in one of the most important italian government palaces by Daniele Teti

This week, in one of the most important government palaces in Italy (I cannot say which one), I did a consultancy about mobile development. The internal dev team is currently using Xamarin and they have a blocking problem with it. In the team there is a friend of mine which called me some days ago to know if I know how to solve their problem using Delphi. I told him that the “blocking” problem could be solved with Delphi.

The Delphi Open Tools API Book by David Hoyle

"The contents of this book are mostly a collection of blogs I wrote over a number of years on the Delphi Open Tools API ... The reason for the blogs originally was to write down all that I had found out while trying to implement Open Tools API code so that I had a reference as to why I had done things in a particular way but also to provide the same information to the wider Delphi community. Download now >>


SQL Server Bulk Copy using Delphi and ADO

When inserting a lot of data into a SQL Server table, the memory-based bulk copy exposed by the IRowsetFastLoad interface in Microsoft's OLE DB providers is the fastest way. Read more >>

Database Application Tools for FireDAC that ship with our products - check them out! by David I.

We do have several database tools integrated into the IDE and also as standalone applications. Inside of the IDE you can use the Data Explorer to work with your FireDAC and dbExpress based database connections. Outside of the IDE we have three database application tools you can use with FireDAC database connections: FireDAC Explorer, FireDAC Administrator, FireDAC Monitor and FireDAC Executor. Read more >>


TMS Software’s FlexCel by Adrian Gallero

Powerful, extensive & flexible component suite for native Excel report & file generation & manipulation for VCL & FireMonkey. Read more >>


The difference between an object and a class by Craig Chapman

Though it may appear a minor distinction, the difference between an object and a class is something which developers seem to misunderstand all the time. The question often comes up in interview situations, so I figured I’d try to clear this one up. Read more >>


FixInsight version 2016.03, code analysis tool for Embarcadero Delphi, has been released by David I.

Roman Yankovsky has announced that FixInsight verison 2016.3 has been released. FixInsight, compatible with Delphi, performs static code analysis on your project's source code to help you find bugs while you are developing. Read more >>


Options Page(s) inside the IDE’s Options Dialog by David Hoyle

The topic for this blogs is putting your Options/Configuration pages for your experts/wizards inside the IDE’s options dialogue. Read more >>


InterBase and Python

This blog post will cover basic usage of InterBase and Python using Eclipse.



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