Upgrading from Delphi or C++Builder Berlin Starter edition to higher editions

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This post was updated on November 16th, 2016.

The Feature Installer (also known as the GetIt Installer) for Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition includes license detection support for detecting existing Berlin licenses. If an existing license of the same version of the product is found on your system, you will see a version of this screen during the install process. You can proceed with the installation using an existing license or enter a new license. Please note that this screen is only shown when an existing Berlin license is found on your system.

The Update 2 installer should automatically trigger the uninstall process prior to installing Update 2 system. The steps outlined below are only necessary should you run into issues during the uninstall/reinstall process.

Note: It is recommended that you use the same installer (offline installer or web installer) to re-install or install an update since the registry settings will not be compatible.



This post outlines the steps for upgrading from Starter to higher editions of the same version on the same machine. Please note that Delphi Starter and C++Builder Starter cannot be installed on the same machine. Installing higher editions of the same version alongside Starter on the same machine is not supported and will not work. Trials of the same version also cannot co-exist with Starter on the same machine.


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Upgrading from Starter to Pro/Enterprise/Architect

The following covers the steps required to install Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio Pro/Enterprise/Architect if you currently have Delphi or C++Builder Starter installed. The steps below assume that you are intending to install the higher edition on the same machine.


Step 1: Launch LicenseManager.exe

The License Manager can be found in C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\Studio\18.0\bin


Step 2: Add and register your higher edition license

Select Register to launch the registration wizard. Next, enter and register your new license. After successfully registering your higher edition license, it is recommended to remove the Starter license (although it’s not required).


Step 3: Uninstall Starter

Double-click on the Update 1 executable to launch the installer. This will uninstall the Starter edition. Alternatively, you can kick off the uninstall process by going to your Windows Control Panel and selecting Apps & Features.


Step 4: Install Update 1

After the uninstall is complete, the install will proceed. The Update 1 installer will now automatically pick the higher edition license you previously registered in Step 2.



Note: If you have already uninstalled Starter, and are looking to install a higher edition of the same version on the same machine, there are two options:


  1. Reinstall the Starter edition, then follow the steps outlined above

  2. Manually remove the Starter license key. To remove the individual license, you can delete/rename the C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero directory.  This is the local license storage and removing it will remove license information for *all* recent versions on your machine (please use with care). After removing the Starter key and uninstalling Starter, the Update installer will prompt you to enter your new license.


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