Installation Notes for Delphi Prism 2009

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    Installation Notes for Delphi Prism 2009

  • These notes provide important information about installing the product, and it is recommended that you read this file in its entirety before starting an uninstall or an install procedure. This document uses the term "the product" to describe Delphi Prism 2009.
  • For an updated version of these Installation Notes, see the Delphi Prism documentation wiki at or the CodeGear Developer Network at
  • For additional information about installing the product, see:

    Minimum System Requirements

  • Hardware Requirements
    • Minimum: 1.6 GHz CPU, 384 MB RAM, 1024x768 display, 5400 RPM hard disk
    • Recommended: 2.2 GHz or higher CPU, 1024 MB or more RAM, 1280x1024 display, 7200 RPM or higher hard disk
    • On Windows Vista: 2.4 GHz CPU, 768 MB RAM
    • 1 GB of available space required on system drive
    • 2 GB of available space required on installation drive (includes space for .NET Framework and SDK)
    • Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above
    • Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or above
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 or above
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2008
  • Visual Studio integration
    • Install standalone or integrated into Visual Studio 2008

    General Installation Notes

The Delphi Prism installer can be used to install Delphi Prism as well as additional software.

Delphi Prism installs into Visual Studio 2008. If you do not have Visual Studio 2008 installed on your system, the Delphi Prism installer automatically installs the Microsoft VSShell.

It is recommended that you install the latest Service Pack for Visual Studio 2008 or VSShell.

The Delphi Prism installer will install Mono™ and the Delphi Prism Feature Pack if these are selected by the user. If you decide later you would like to install these, you can navigate to the Mono and FeaturePack folders on the DVD and install directly from there.

If you do not have any of the required software installed on a Windows Vista system, the installer installs the following, and between step 4 and 5, you need to re-boot your machine. After the reboot, you need to rerun the installer.

  1. NET 2.0 SP2
  2. NET 3.0 SP2
  3. NET 3.5 SP1
  4. VSShell
  5. Delphi Prism

See Installing Optional, Add-on Products for information on the additional software.

If you want to use Microsoft Silverlight™, you must install it before you install Delphi Prism. Otherwise, you have to install Delphi Prism again after installing Silverlight.

The serial number you enter determines which edition (Professional, Enterprise or Architect) and which type of license (commercial, academic or trial) will be installed.

    On Windows Vista, must install as Administrator

For Windows Vista, you must run as Administrator or be on the Administrator list to install the product.

    Multiple users on one machine

The product can be installed by any licensed user with administrator privileges, and is immediately available to all licensed users of the same machine. It is also available to any licensed users you might add later.

    Assemblies installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

Duplicate copies of assemblies installed in the GAC are provided in the <CommonFilesFolder>\CodeGear Shared\Delphi Prism\Shared Assemblies\6.0 directory. If C:\ is your Windows drive, the default <CommonFilesFolder> is C:\Program Files\Common Files\.

    Additional information

See the README.htm file for additional information about the product. For location information, see the opening paragraphs of this document.

    Installing the Product Using the Installation DVD

To install any product:

  1. Insert the installation DVD; this should auto-run the install launcher. If this does not happen, run install.exe from the root directory of the DVD.
  2. The install launcher will appear with buttons to install multiple items that are part of the product.
  3. When prompted, enter the serial number for the product. The serial number can be found on the license certificate card in the product package for physical products or in the order confirmation email for electronic orders.

    Installing Using Electronic Software Delivery

If the product is purchased using Electronic Software Delivery, you receive a .zip file.

    To install using Electronic Software Delivery:

  1. Extract the .zip file into an empty directory on your hard drive. Do not attempt to run the installer directly from the .zip file without first extracting all files to a local directory. 
  2. The install launcher will appear with buttons to download the appropriate language zip file.
  3. Download the zip file, extract it and run DelphiPrismSetup.exe

    Installing and Using Purchased Network Licenses

If you purchased Networked Licenses (managed by the Embarcadero License Server or FLEXlm) for Delphi Prism, you must follow these instructions to set up the install image or your users will be prompted for a serial number and be unable to install.

  1. Copy all the files from your media kit DVD to a writeable directory on your network.
  2. Copy the networked license .slip file (received in your order confirmation email) to the \Install directory where Setup.exe is located.
  3. When your users run Setup.exe, the product detects the .slip file and installs the software. During installation, the .slip file is moved to the license folder in the installation directory.

    Online Help

Delphi Prism online help is located on a wiki at:

For English,

For German,

For French,

For Japanese,

This content is constantly being updated.

An HTML snapshot of the wiki is also installed with the product that you can use when your computer is not connected to the Internet. You can also obtain an HTML snapshot of the documentation at any time from the wiki.

    Installing Optional, Add-On Products

    ER/Studio Developer Edition

ER/Studio Developer Edition is a database modeling and design tool that helps developers visualize and work with database structures. Install ER/Studio Developer Edition by clicking the Install ER/Studio Developer Edition button on the DVD install launcher or clicking the button to download the installer and then running the installer if installing from an electronic download version of the product.

ER/Studio Developer Edition is registered when you register your Delphi Prism product. Delphi Prism Architect includes a full, non-expiring license for ER/Studio Developer Edition. Delphi Prism Professional or Enterprise editions include a trial license for ER/Studio Developer Edition so you can experience the functionality of the Architect edition for a limited time.

    InterBase 2009 Developer Edition

InterBase 2009 Developer Edition provides all developers the best cross-platform database to build and test database applications for embedded and SME segments. Developers are free to choose the standard connectivity they want and make use of a mature SQL92 compliant database for their applications. Database Performance monitoring allows the developer to streamline applications for optimal deployment.

Install InterBase by clicking the InterBase button on the DVD launcher or download it from the Registered Users pages on Your free InterBase Developer serial number is included on a sticker in your product box or in your order confirmation email (or in a PDF file if you purchased via electronic delivery).

    InstallAware Express, CodeGear Edition

Your CodeGear Express Edition of InstallAware provides the industry-unique benefits of partial web deployment, 67% better compression, interactive Flash/HTML billboards, one-click runtime deployment, unlimited web updates, and one-click patching. Install InstallAware Express by clicking the InstallAware Express button on the DVD launcher or download it from the Registered Users pages on

    CodeGear Partner Software

Your product package may include a DVD of partner software. You can also access the partner software online via the Registered Users pages on or via the CodeCentral download area on

    Known Installation Issues

On German, French, or Japanese machines, uninstalling Delphi 2009 or C++Builder 2009 might fail if Delphi Prism has been installed. This happens because the VS Shell installer in Delphi Prism updates a version of the .NET Framework Language Pack that the Delphi/C++Builder 2009 uninstall depends on. To uninstall Delphi/C++Builder 2009, run Setup.exe from your Delphi/C++Builder 2009 DVD, install the .NET Framework Language Pack when prompted, and then select Uninstall when in Maintenance Mode.

    Uninstalling This Product

To uninstall Delphi Prism, the Administrator who initially installed the product must open the Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs, select Delphi Prism and click the Remove button. Next select Delphi Prism Feature Pack and click the Remove button.

    Do You Have an Installation Problem?

Please open a support case on the website if you encounter any problems during installation.

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