Starting Appmethod results in Product or License Validation Error

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Q. I’ve installed and registered Appmethod, yet when it starts I am brought to a web page with the error “Product or License Validation Error”. How can I fix this?

  • By far the most common cause for this error is having files or applications not provided by Embarcadero that are copied into the bin folder below where Appmethod is installed. Only files provided by Embarcadero may reside in the bin folder. Common files which are mistakenly copied to the bin folder are third party components and database drivers. The easiest way to determine if this might be your problem is to list files by timestamp and look for files created before or after the release of your product.
  • Having the F-Secure AntiVirus software installed. Please contact F-Secure for information on how to configure F-Secure AntiVirus software so it will not cause this problem.
  • If the Digital Signature used by Appmethod cannot be verified. To determine if this is an issue for you, follow these steps:
      • From Windows Explorer, right click on bds.exe in the bin folder of directory you installed your product (c:\Program Files\Embarcadero\AppMethod\13.0 by default) and select Properties.
      • Select the Digital Signatures tab
      • Select Embarcadero Technologies signer and click the Details button.
      • Click the View Certificate Button in the Digital Signature Details Dialog.
      • If the Certificate Dialog looks as follow, the following information should resolve this issue for you.

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