Data University Online Conference on Demand

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Watch replays of all 22 Data University sessions!

Embarcadero Data University was a huge success with hundreds of attendees and 22 amazing presentations from both industry and internal experts. If you didn’t sign up for this event, you are in luck – you can watch the sessions on demand! Pick the topics that interest you and watch them at your convenience.

You qualify for free access to 22 sessions covering a range of topics across database management and performance, data modeling, data architecture, and industry trends, including presentations on:

  • Best Practices for the Proactive DBA
  • The Five Big Myths of Big Data by Rick van der Lans
  • Focusing on DBMS Performance Every Step of the Way
  • Making Sure your SQL Server Backups are not Useless
  • Measurements, Scales & Encoding for Databases by Joe Celko
  • The Data Balance Sheet: Is Your Data an Asset or Liability?
  • Ensuring a Sustainable Architecture for Data Analytics by Claudia Imhoff
  • SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting by Pinal Dave

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