Data University Online Conference on Demand

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Watch replays of all 22 Data University sessions!

Embarcadero Data University was a huge success with hundreds of attendees and 22 amazing presentations from both industry and internal experts. If you didn’t sign up for this event, you are in luck – you can watch the sessions on demand! Pick the topics that interest you and watch them at your convenience.

You qualify for free access to 22 sessions covering a range of topics across database management and performance, data modeling, data architecture, and industry trends, including presentations on:

  • Best Practices for the Proactive DBA
  • The Five Big Myths of Big Data by Rick van der Lans
  • Focusing on DBMS Performance Every Step of the Way
  • Making Sure your SQL Server Backups are not Useless
  • Measurements, Scales & Encoding for Databases by Joe Celko
  • The Data Balance Sheet: Is Your Data an Asset or Liability?
  • Ensuring a Sustainable Architecture for Data Analytics by Claudia Imhoff
  • SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting by Pinal Dave

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Webinar: A Case Study on Data Modeling for SAP applications

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Database Tricks that Every Developer and DBA MUST Know - Webinar

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Database Tricks that Every Developer and DBA MUST Know

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
10:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Central / 1:00pm Eastern

It is not unusual for a server to perform poorly causing developers and system administrators to scratch their heads while attempting to troubleshoot. Regardless of how great the hardware specifications, there can be many other issues that can cause the server to responds slower than expected. 

Join SQL evangelist Pinal Dave and the Director of Software Consultants at Embarcadero Scott Walz as they provide tips and techniques to help DBAs and Developers manage and maintain their servers at optimal performance.

From this session you will learn:

  • How to improve database server implementation
  • Tips and techniques on improving server performance
  • How to avoid database performance problems before they happen

Embarcadero Data University Online - September 23-24

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Welcome to DataU, the complimentary two-day online conference, with over 20 sessions targeted to data professionals as well as business stakeholders.

DataU runs from 6:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific time on September 23-24, 2015.

Here are some important links:

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Why DataU?

  • Boost your database and data architecture skills so that you can prepare yourself for the future
  • Gain insight and awareness of solutions to challenges that data professionals face
  • DataU delivers training to you in the most efficient manner possible - online

Thank you for joining us for this exciting online event!

DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016 are here! - Join the Revolution!

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Webinar: See What's New in DBArtisan and Rapid SQL

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See What's New in 
DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016

Monday, September 28, 2015
8:00am Pacific / 10:00am Central / 11:00am Eastern

Embarcadero continues to innovate with the latest game-changing release of DB PowerStudio 2016 including DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, DB Optimizer and Change Manager. These products will take performance management to the next level.

Register to attend this webinar to learn:

  • About the new features being included in the launch
  • About the solutions to challenges that data professionals struggle with
  • How to join the Embarcadero Data Revolution

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Embarcadero Data Modeling NewsFlash September 2015, Issue 1

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Webinar: The Key to Big Data Modeling: Collaboration

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The Key to Big Data Modeling: Collaboration

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
11:00am Pacific / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm Eastern

Some claim that, in the age of Big Data, data modeling is less important or even not needed. However, with the increased complexity of the data landscape, it is actually more important to incorporate data modeling in order to understand the nature of the data and how they are interrelated. In order to do this effectively, the way that we do data modeling needs to adapt to this complex environment.

One of the key data modeling issues is how to foster collaboration between new groups, such as data scientists, and traditional data management groups. There are often different paradigms, and yet it is critical to have a common understanding of data and semantics between different parts of an organization. In this presentation, Len Silverston will discuss:

  • How Big Data has changed our landscape and affected data modeling
  • How to conduct data modeling in a more ‘agile’ way for Big Data environments
  • How we can collaborate effectively within an organization, even with differing perspectives

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Breaking Down Business Barriers with Enterprise Architecture - Sl...

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Below is the slide presentation from our recent webinar Breaking Down Business Barriers with Enterprise Architecture.

See the companion webinar at:

Learn more about ER/Studio at 

As a data professional, you know how important it is to have good data models and to ensure that your extended team has access to them. Many companies are suffering from silos that keep valuable data from being used effectively because business users may not have the right access or understanding of the data they are using to make decisions. When corporate data has business context with centralized communication and collaboration, the overall integrity and visibility of the data can be improved.

To create a business-driven data architecture, you need an enterprise data environment that enables both business stakeholders and IT users to access and collaborate on key models and metadata, at the right levels for their needs. Embarcadero offers the ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition with the Team Server web portal to help you break down the barriers between business and IT users in your organization. Join this webinar to see how the ER/Studio Team Server works with the Enterprise Team Edition to extend the value of data in your organization, with capabilities including:

  • Business glossaries to specify the terms and definitions for metadata
  • Discussion and activity streams to track requests and actions for tasks
  • Permission structures to give users and groups the right level of access

About the Presenter:

Josh Buckner is the ER/Studio Team Server Solutions Expert for Embarcadero. He helps customers understand the benefits of Team Server and works with them to implement it effectively in their organizations.


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: