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April Cool App Winner: Visuino

Written by Jim McKeeth on Posted in Articles

Visuino Cool App WinnerI still remember the first time I saw Visuino in action. It was 2 years ago during our Delphi 20th Birthday Party when Boian Mitov unveiled this new project he was building with Delphi. It was really impressive. At the time he wasn't sure what the price would be for it, but looking at the level of utility I expected it to be $500 or more. 

If you are unfamiliar with Visuino, it is a visual IDE for building apps for Arduino and related boards. Instead of writing the code in C, you just connect some visual connectors and Visuino generates the native optimized C code for you. This makes Visuino amazingly productive for rapid component prototyping. It supports a huge variety of chips, boards and components. 

During CodeRage XI Boian had a session showing off Visuino and during the Q&A someone asked the price and he said "Nine, ninety-nine" which I assumed to be $999, which was a lot of money, but Visuino certainly appeared to be worth it. Then he said he wanted to keep it under $10. I was completely blown away that it was that cheap. I didn't have any pressing Arduino projects, but I went out and purchased Visuino anyway. At that price it is a complete no-brainer if you are even moderately interested in Arduino. 


One of the things that is great about Visuino is not only does it make it easy to build Arduino apps, it also makes it easy to connect to those apps from your Delphi apps with Mitov's communication lab. If you are working on an IoT solution, then Visuino is very valuable in component prototyping. 

If you want to see Visuino in action then check out our IoT Boot Camp we did with Visuino. You can also catch the Visuino session from CodeRage XI

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Visuino has a free mode, just like all Mitov Software's Lab Packs, but at $9.99 I really recommend you just go and purchase a copy. 

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