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Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad

Written by Jim McKeeth on Posted in Articles

Embarcadero Cool App Contest

The March winner of the Embarcadero Cool App Contest is the Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad. I looked at this app a few years ago, and found it pretty impressive then. It uses a really cool technique to capture a 3D impression with only your monitor and a standard webcam.

Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal allows you to make 3D impressions using your webcam and PC monitor screen. mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal uses a set of 4 black and white patterns which are projected by your computer screen while your camera captures the images of your face in front of the screen. The images are then processed to reveal a 3D impression.

Under proper lighting conditions mimix 3D can capture scenes and objects with incredible detail recovery. The trick is to be in a very dark room, and have a good webcam and bright screen.

After the scan you can create cool effects by relighting the scene or 3D print your impression.

It is built for Windows using Delphi, VCL, TMS ComponentsEurekalog and ShellBrowser.

Check out the video or download the free scanner for yourself!


Built with Delphi

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Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: