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Fast Development Rules! (Part 2)

Written by Atanas on Posted in Articles

I received some good feedback on this blog and wanted to share a really cool example from one of our MVPs, Eli from Peacekeeper ( He recently completed a fairly involved FMX (FireMonkey) application for the Oil and Gas industry in 3 weeks! Here is his summary “I just finished a medium size enterprise app build in Delphi for iOS. It is a mobile forms document solution for a client. It has somewhere around 100-150 fields, 20+ tabs, 5 forms, offline caching, uses XML, JSON, SOAP, LiveBindings, FireDAC, data syncing, signatures, drawing, GPS, and other RAD Studio technologies in around 33,000 LoC. Suffice to say Delphi can move mountains.” This is now a template that he can reuse with lots of other apps for iOS and Android, since it is FMX. He is even willing to share with others and they can choose to use his services as needed.

I have managed to build quite a few apps over the years, especially mobile apps, (of course with experienced developers), so I can really appreciate this kind of speed. I wish I had RAD Studio back then. It would have saved me a lot of iterations and anxiety.

In the last years, we have done a lot to promote FMX, but I think that we need to do a much better job explaining the power and range of possible solutions that leverages these tools. Eli did not use RAD Server, as he prefered a hosted back-end. But frankly combining the efficiency of our frameworks for front- and back-end development with RAD Server can result in even greater savings or opportunities to make even more money by developers or ISVs. Your typical MBaaS is $50+ per user.  With a 100 users, you will pay for RAD Server in a month and the rest is just the server hosting, which with Linux is trivial. This is a lot of potential ongoing revenue… I understand that some customers just don’t want to deal with AWS or Azure, so we may come up with some RAD Server hosted options as well.

I love our cool apps examples, however they sometimes downplay the many great apps that are more utilitarian and may not have amazing front-ends. I think that in these cases FMX shines even more. With the many possible adapters for payments and connectivity to enterprise systems, the speed of development matters even more. For example, there are whole companies that specialize in building apps. With our tools, you can build a few templates and then your speed to deliver solutions will simply be unbeatable. So much opportunity out there!

There are some really good deals out there for RAD Studio - go get the latest! Eli said that we almost got him with the great Architect Promo, and MVP’s are tough to get.

Here is a short video Eli made about why he uses Delphi at Peacekeeper.

Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: