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Delphi for Linux Boot Camp Replay

Written by Jim McKeeth on Posted in Articles

Delphi for LinuxJust in case you missed the fantastic Delphi for Linux Boot Camp by Craig Chapman this week here, or you want to watch it again, here is the replay that includes Marco Cantu's Q&A at the end.

This Boot camp covers the setup of a Linux development environment for building Linux applications with Delphi. We’ll look at hello world, debugging linux applications, deploying apache2 modules using WebBroker, and accessing a MySQL database using FireDAC. The penguins are coming, be prepared!

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Craig has a Subversion Repo setup with his sample code svn:// Bootcamp

Craig also has a fantastically detailed step-by-step guide to configuring both a Red Hat Enterprise server, and an Ubuntu Server (16.04) inside Oracle Virtual Box for Delphi development.

You can still download a free copy of the O'Reilly Linux Survival Guide as well.

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