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Modernize Your Apps

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Modernization continues to be one of the most important topics for many of our customers. Delphi has been around for some time and there are plenty of great “legacy” apps going back all the way to Delphi 7. While it is a testament to the quality of our development frameworks, at some points ten-year-old apps are, well simply too old… Our community of developers are moving to the latest versions so that they can deliver modern, compelling products to their customers. Internally, we have been taking this same journey with the RAD Studio product itself, and while it is not always easy, it is worth the effort. I think that we are finally making a lot of progress, which emboldens me to share some lessons learned that may help you plan your own journey.


Update the UI

I think that the most difficult part of any Modernization project is the compelling argument for a UI update. There is one school of thought that says that if it works, who cares that an icon looks old. It is also difficult for developers to be very passionate about it, as they also frequently do not care about look and feel. Yet, an updated look and feel is HUGE. We have made many gradual updates to RAD Studio over the last two years and have a few more in store. When we do surveys, rarely does the look and feel get prioritized. Enterprise software customers rarely admit to buying a software solution because “it looks pretty”.  But once UI improvements are made, the impact tends to be surprisingly high. Especially for Delphi apps that come with an inherent  “legacy” bias. It is a fight worth fighting and fortunately some of the updated VCL and FMX tooling make implementations easier. Take your time and do it right. It is totally worth getting professional designer help (again something that many developers do not do). Be sure not to overlook the impact of nice high quality icons. Here are some examples of the icons that we used for 10.2.2. There are so many choices out there that are very inexpensive. I love for example.



Do Mobile

One of the great advantages of Delphi today is FMX. As smartphone adoption increases (~70% by 2018), FMX will grow in relevance.  If you know VCL, development with FMX is relatively natural. There are of course some styling and behavior specificities, and frankly we need to improve the RAD Studio workflow more, but the productivity is amazing. Most other approaches require a separate team and investment. Historically Mobile Apps were Outsourced as a package, but this is changing. FMX allows a Delphi team to build the Mobile App. You do not need to recreate the old app with FMX, but building meaningful mobile extensions is a must. You will gain immense respect and the Delphi tech will be perceived rightfully as Modern. And you get to build your team. There is a lot of training help to get you started. I personally like Delphi Styles that can deliver some very slick custom looks (below are a couple of great FMX style templates from



Make It “Multi-Tier”

Architecture is not simple. Unfortunately, even great developers may not have knowledge in other areas, simply because of the vast range of areas in software development. Sometimes this means making architectural changes such as moving from a desktop app to a multi-tier can be a learning experience for even the most experienced. It's always great to learn, or to get outside support to assist. We aim to make architectural transitions easy, such as how RAD Server comes with excellent Multi-Tier architecture support features. It is not a daunting task to rethink an old app into a Multi-Tier one, although there are no guarantees (depends how it was built). I have spoken with many developers that at first were very scared, but once they got deeper, found that the effort is far less than expected. For sure, it is hugely less expensive than re-platforming with a completing different language such as Java. Again, one simple approach is to start small and modularize as much as possible. Also, do not rush to lose the VCL client. The speed it can deliver, especially in sensitive environments where seconds matter, cannot be replicated. I am aware of at least several multi-million dollar Java rebuild efforts that aimed to replace a VCL app and users simply did not adopt it… incredible waste.



Not a word, but you get the meaning. There are many approaches to do this with Delphi today. Ideally, you can create a tiered app and build an independent Web Client. Of course, we recommend Ext JS, since it is part of the family now, but there are plenty other good client Web technologies. Another approach that may be faster is to use a tool like UniGui, which takes a VCL-like approach and leverages Ext JS to build a Web Client. That does not work for everything but is very fast and productive. You certainly can create a module of your app quickly and demonstrate that Delphi works well and fast with Web. Today many Web interfaces to Delphi apps are built with .NET because of the inherit Windows connection. That of course works, but based on our latest experience and the new JS technologies, the speed and flexibility you can get with JS are great.



RAD Studio has some of the best Integration frameworks and components. One of the most challenging aspects of other technologies is typically integration, and we do it super well and fast. Our recent Product survey indicates that a huge percentage of our customers have adopted FireDAC, which is fantastic. Figure out new ways for your modern app to be more integrated. How about displaying inventory from an ERP or feeding into it? Our Enterprise Connectors are based on the FireDAC framework and work really well. We even use them internally to create an ExtJS portal to our SFDC instance (illustration below). It is a “wow!” development experience.




Delphi, through RAD Studio, supports many new capabilities including Push Notifications, Beacons, and the Woll 2 Woll mobile editor ( It is surprising to me how little customers use new Windows 10 features, One of my favorite underutilized technology is Beacons. These are now included for FREE in RAD Studio Enterprise edition. The mobile editor can accelerate the mobile apps developed with this tech dramatically. Given how many internal Delphi apps deal with location data capture, this should be such an easy and nice feature to include. And the best thing about Delphi is that innovating does not need to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars…



Overcome the Legacy Argument

This one is not as relevant for our efforts with RAD Studio, but it is a hurdle that each client has to overcome. The perception that Delphi is legacy is still there, despite recent strides to overcome it. Lately, I’ve taken a slightly different approach, which I’ve found very successful. Instead of diving deep into defending Delphi’s many merits, I just state a few facts and brush it aside. It works! Delphi today is one of the larger commercial ecosystems - plenty of open source ones have lost momentum as economics have deteriorated and support dwindled. Not to mention the fact that Delphi is the fastest, easiest to use and most functional development tool (a little subjective, but true).  Our VCL framework for Windows development continues to provide the most native support for MS Windows, and nothing beats it. FMX provides better native cross-platform support than Xamarin and its popularity, especially for Android development is growing rapidly. I think that for any company that wants to manage technology risk, Delphi and VCL are far safer choices than even the trendiest of technologies and frameworks out there. Just ask someone who has gone through the several iterations of Angular or spent a boat-load on a Java migration. The combination of a highly productive language that is reusable and can work with flexible front and back-ends make Delphi a strong technology contender.

Well, this got a bit longer than intended, but there is one point about Modernization that is perhaps the most difficult to overcome. It again has to do with perception rather than the technology.  Customers continue to make the argument about the lack of availability of trained Delphi resources. Unfortunately, it is still true that there are fewer skilled Delphi developers compared to other popular technologies. Outsourcers are especially negative to these tools, as the productivity tends to go directly against their business model. Why sell you 5 Delphi developers when I can sell you 50 Java ones. But that is also the winning argument, you do not need that many Delphi developers – it is THAT good. And if you need to brush up on your skills or train a new team, we continue to develop Embarcadero Academy with more content and course options. In our experience a senior developer can pick-up Delphi super fast. Lets blow away technology sceptics with amazingly modern-looking apps!

Idera, Inc. 2018 Predictions

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Idera, Inc. is one of the largest privately held US software companies. We focus on providing Best-on-class Technology Productivity tools for development, database management, and testing. We carefully monitor industry developments to ensure that our products continue to evolve and provide excellent value to out thousands of customers across the world. Our Developer Tools business had a big year in 2017. Delphi continues to gain incredible momentum across the world. While we have seen historical headwinds in the US, as companies adopt more open and flexible approaches based on "merit," Delphi will continue to gain market share. Our C++ Builder is also regaining recognition through the powerful VCL and FMX frameworks for native cross-platform development. In August, we acquired Sencha (ExtJS), combining the leading commercial JS framework and tool-set for enterprise web app development into our portfolio.


As 2018 gets into full swing, it’s a good time to revisit the application development trends that shaped our industry in 2017 and make some predictions. After all, developers will rule the world!


The largest trend in the space is that core infrastructure providers are working to claw their way up the developer food chain. Three of the five big vendors are providing their own public clouds, and the next step is vertical integration of the developer-DevOps food chain, allowing them to distance themselves from a pure ops play and embrace more of a developer play. Microsoft's success in gaining Cloud share is an excellent testament of the importance of a good developer strategy.


The key to adoption is to make things so easy that developers can just push a button and have an integrated tool-chain. Where disparate tools were once used to fulfill disparate requirements, big vendors (with the luxury of big market share) now aim to replace them, targeting smaller, cost-conscious web developers with their ease-of-use message.


Large enterprises are being forced to decide between best of breed tools and putting everything in one vendor’s hands. Because most big companies want to maintain control, independent tools players focused on enterprises will survive for the foreseeable future.


At the same time, QA and dev teams are moving away from the mammoth application lifecycle management solutions in favor of more nimble, easy-to-install-and-use point solutions that integrate with adjacent tools in the testing ecosystem. Automated testing is getting and more and more part of daily live.


In 2018, the dev tools landscape isn’t going to change very much. Smaller vendors will continue to differentiate themselves from the big boys, while continuing to ensure they easily integrate with them.


This year, we’ll also start to see progressive web app (PWA) technologies gain mainstream adoption with updates in mobile browsers. Web developers will quickly adopt PWA technologies such as service workers, notifications and background sync, and create modern PWA web apps that are as fast and reliable as native apps.


Also, companies will search for a balance between fast development on many platforms versus native experience. Web frameworks like React Native (and ExtJS) will continue to grow in popularity, but so will more native frameworks, such as Xamarin and FireMonkey (FMX). Android and iOS native tooling will also continue to improve.


We’ll see a return of object oriented programming IDEs that have lost some momentum as web languages relied exclusively on rudimentary text editors. Tools such as Sublime Text will increase their sophistication, adding more and more third-party components, but also developing more productivity features of their own. IDEs will have more cloud services components with easy deployment and integration options.


The bottom line is that developers have more choices today than ever, and that trend is only going to grow in 2018. Idera, Inc.’s Developer Tools offer the world’s best solutions to help developers build amazing things. I’m excited to see what they do with them in the new year.

バージョンアップ版(Upgrade SKU)販売終了(2018...

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この記事は、Atanas PopovによるUpgrade SKU to be discontinued by March 31stの抄訳です。



私たちの製品をご愛顧いただいているお客様の多くは、従来からバージョンアップ版を必要に応じて購入する形態に慣れ親しんできました。そのため、購入オプションとしてバージョンアップ版(Upgrade SKU)をずっと保持してきました。これまでの経験で、私たちは、どのような変更でもお客様に十分な情報を提供していくことが、お客様には喜ばれるということを理解しています。多くのお客様からそうしたフィードバックをいただいたことには、大変感謝しています。

私たちの目標は、すべてのお客様が、私たちが開発した最新の機能や修正を簡単に利用できるようにすることです。今日、ほとんどのお客様はアップデートサブスクリプションプログラムに移行しており、バージョンアップ版(Upgrade SKU)の存在は意味を失ってきています。メンテナンスが不必要に複雑になり、複数のお客様から、いくつものキャンペーン価格があってどれを購入すべきか混乱してしまうという声も寄せられています。他のほとんどすべてのベンダーも、同様の理由でこのSKUを廃止しています。

(3月31日に終了する)今四半期は、バージョンアップ版(Upgrade SKU)を提供する最後の四半期となります。当社の事前通知の慣行に従い、何らかの理由でバージョンアップ版(Upgrade SKU)を購入したいと考えているお客様には、十分な時間を与えたいと考えています。私たちは過去数年間に、いくつかの旧バージョンユーザー向けバージョンアップキャンペーン(Amnesties Campaign)を実施しました。今回、バージョンアップ版の廃止を前に、もう1度これを実施する計画です。エンタープライズアプリケーション開発向けにEnterprise版とArchitect版の両方に容易に移行していただけるような移行パスプランは、引き続き提供していく予定です。これは、大きな変更ではありませんが、最小限の影響にとどめたいと考えています。旧バージョンを最新版に上げたいと考えている方は、おそらく今がベストタイミングであり、なおかつ購入いただくバージョンアップ版には、1年間のアップデートサブスクリプションが含まれていることをご留意ください。

DelphiおよびC++による開発を普及させることにおいて、RAD Studioは大きな進歩を遂げました。私たちは製品の競争力確保を注視しており、お客様が当社の製品から享受する価値が、そのコストよりはるかに優るものであると信じています。皆様も同じように感じていただけることを願っています。そして私たちは、この製品に対する皆様の投資対効果を「思いもよらない」レベルに高めるため、引き続き製品への投資を行っていくことを約束します。今後のリリースのいくつかについて、私は本当にエキサイトしています。今四半期に予定している「10.2.3」と今後の数四半期でのいくつかのリリースの双方が、素晴らしい機能性と品質向上をもたらすことでしょう。2018年は、Delphi / C++Builderさらなるムーブメントが起きる新たな年となることを願っています。GO RAD Studio!!!



Atanas Popov

General Manager of Application Development Tools Business
Embarcadero Technologies

Petra Wins Embarcadero Cool App for December

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Any developer knows how time consuming it can be to come up with good graphics for multi-platform development. There are so many different device pixel densities that require different images. That’s why I’m excited to announce Embarcadero’s December Cool App winner, Petra, which makes it easy to take quality vector graphics from Sketch and turn them into natively drawn user interface elements for cross platform Delphi apps.

Petra’s support for FireMonkey, Android and iOS drawing APIs provides maximum flexibility in targeting different platforms. It’s one of those tools where using it once inspires you to want to use it more and more, and I have to admit, I’m addicted.

Petra easily moves between design and coding without ever needing to deploy 1x, 2x or 3x images in the final app. The tool also allows developers to create resolution-independent and scalable drawings with dynamic behavior, without the need for static rapid prototyping of UI Components.


When asked about his choice of languages, Petra developer Nader described Delphi as a “recipe of a great programming language plus RAD IDE plus ecosystem of third party frameworks and components plus passionate community of supportive developers. All combined to enable developers to target multiple platforms from one code base, natively and beautifully.”


This video shows Petra in action:


Interested in submitting for the Embarcadero’s Cool App contest? It’s open to any business or consumer application built with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Embarcadero awards Cool App contest winners a $500 Amazon gift card and winning submissions are also highlighted on the company’s YouTube channel. For more information on the contest and a link to the submission form, click here.

Upgrade SKU to be discontinued by March 31st

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Dear Customers,


A few years back we introduced our Update Subscription program. This approach to licensing was a response to dominant industry trends to move away from periodic Upgrades to ongoing Subscription relationships that deliver continuous value to customers. Our Product Roadmap and Release Strategy are aligned with this philosophy as we strive to make upgrades to new releases much easier. I don’t think that we will ever be perfect here, but we certainly will try.


We have many long-term passionate customers that are used to a certain way of purchasing our products. Therefore we retained the one-off Upgrades SKU (i.e. Purchase Option) for quite some time. Our experience is that customers love plenty of advanced notice to any changes. Many of you let us know this loud and clear, and we appreciate it.


Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to take advantage of the latest features and fixes we’ve developed. Today, most our customers moved to Update Subscription and the Upgrades SKU simply does not make as much sense. It is unnecessarily complex to maintain and we hear from multiple customers that with some of the more aggressive promotions, it makes purchasing decisions confusing. Pretty much all other vendors have discontinued that SKU for similar reasons.


This Quarter (ending on March 31st) will be the last to offer Upgrades. In keeping with our advance notices practice, we want to give plenty of time to customers who for any reason want to use the Upgrades SKU to do so. We ran several Amnesties (i.e. ability to Upgrade from older versions) in the last couple of years, and we will run one more as we retire this SKU. We will continue to offer easy paths to move to higher Editions, as we make both the Enterprise and Architect editions even more attractive for enterprise application development. It is not a huge change, but nevertheless, we want to minimize surprises. If you have been on the fence about Upgrading your old version, now will be a good time and remember that you get your first year of Update Subscription included.


Together, we made great strides in popularizing RAD Studio for Delphi and C++ development. We carefully monitor competitive offerings and we strongly believe that the value customers receive with our products is far superior to the cost. I hope you feel the same way. We are committed to continue investing in our products to make your ROI calculations a “no-brainer”. I am really excited about some of the upcoming releases. Both 10.2.3, this quarter, and the many releases in the quarters to come, will deliver some awesome functionality and quality improvements. 2018 be another year that sees the momentum of Delphi and C++ Builder increase - Go RAD Studio!!!


As always, feel free to reach out to me any time directly. We love hearing from customers who deeply care about our products.





Cool App Winner for November: InfoTrain

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I’m always pleasantly surprised by the variety of projects people come up with using Embarcadero tools, and our November Cool App winner is no exception. InfoTrain -- developed by Damian Skrzek using Delphi -- is an application that helps railway enthusiasts locate and discuss interesting trains.

When users notice interesting trains, they can add detailed information in the app that can be sorted and filtered by various details. “Railfans,” or “trainspotters,” can filter by the type of traction, region, railway line and many other features. Users can comment or update listings by adding photos or timely information about the current location of a train.

InfoTrain connects to a remote MySQL database via a PHP API to synchronize data between users. The app is currently available on all Android devices, with an iPhone version in the works.

InfoTrain is a perfect example of an enthusiast who was able to develop an app that scratches his own specific itch. The great thing is that Damian could then make that app available to all the other people who share his interest. Using a PHP API to connect to a MySQL backend is a creative solution to data sharing and shows the flexibility of Delphi.

When asked about his choice of languages, Damian said “Delphi is a friendly environment for beginners, powerful at the same time for advanced users. Great for creating cross-platform applications. Generally, Delphi is my favorite language.”

This video provides a nice overview of InfoTrain.


Interested in submitting for the Embarcadero’s Cool App contest? It’s open to any business or consumer application built with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Embarcadero awards Cool App contest winners a $500 Amazon gift card and winning submissions are also highlighted on the company’s YouTube channel. For more information on the contest and a link to the submission form, click here.

Holiday Delphi To-Dos

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Merry Christmas from Godzilla

After another year of record CodeRage participation, I’ve been talking to other developers about what they do to promote Delphi. It was immediately obvious that they are “way too busy writing code!” This is a huge improvement, as only a few years back the standard response was “well, Delphi is no longer cool.” However, we still have a challenge. We need to make it easier for our customers to champion us within their organizations. We want people to be proud to say that they “do Delphi.”


Here are a few Delphi holiday To-Dos if you are looking for a way to spread the merriment...


  1. Check out 10.2.2 with the new dark theme and a whole lot more. It will give you some good hints on where we are going with UX and it is just the beginning. Also, the Enterprise and Architect editions of RAD Studio now gets a RAD Server site license for FREE! A huge benefit! Don’t hesitate to provide feedback - we love it!


  1. Share Delphi @ 22 Magazine with your colleagues and managers to highlight the latest developments with Delphi and our ecosystem… there has been a lot of activity that has been missed. And yes there was some healthy debate on one forum around the number of countries in existence (we counted a huge number in one of our Delphi Boot Camps), but aside from classifications, the point is that we are seeing a resurgence and we like it!


  1. Build a Simple Mobile App with FMX. There is no better way to wow your customers, peers or supervisors than to see Delphi in action. There are plenty of samples and more coming your way. Write once and compile for Android and iOS, not to mention Windows and mac OS X.


  1. Check out the new Enterprise connectors. So simple to display your feed from Twitter and/or Facebook and show how fast you can build an app around it. More complex ideas may want to leverage the free InterBase for embedded mobile use. There are plenty of “disconnected” use cases that are difficult to do with other technologies.


  1. Watch a CodeRage replay on Embarcadero Academy.  Go catch a replay for a session you missed from CodeRage XII. They are all available on Embarcadero Academy. Share your favorite session with your friends. While you are there sign up for a course from the expert trainers on Embarcadero Academy. Also, make sure that if anyone doubts that there are good materials to learn Delphi, they know that this is no longer the case.


  1. Learn about the Ext JS framework. Sencha is new to our developer tools family, but already making a huge impact. There is a lot of tooling in existence to connect Delphi with Ext JS development. They share a lot in their completeness and focus on huge productivity improvements. There is a learning curve, but if you are looking for fast development across platforms with really nice UX, this is the way to go. Delphi and the associated VCL & FMX frameworks share a lot in common with Ext JS in the way they maintain compatibility for the long-run and provide unmatched performance. This sample app provides a great example that speaks both to FMX and Ext JS.


  1. Browse the GetIt Package Manager. Install a new style, sample project, library, or IDE Plugin. GetIt continues to expand: over 250 at last count. Look for new ways to solve the problems you face and make yourself even more productive.


  1. Blog about your favorite Delphi features, components or libraries and share it on social media. Delphi has an amazing 3rd party ecosystem. Check out the top 10 Delphi projects on GitHub or this huge collection of resources.


What’s on your holiday to-do list? Do you have any Delphi goals for the new year?

RAD Android is Our Cool App Winner for October

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RAD AndroidI hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and survived the Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing deluge. I was so busy catching up with family and eating too much that I’m just now announcing Embarcadero’s October Cool App contest winner is RAD Android, an app that makes it easy for people to develop mobile programs.

RAD Android, created by talented developer Abdalkader, is a tiny programming language for the Android operating system that allows anyone to write simple programs for Android devices from an Android device. These apps leverage wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth, SMS and Wi-Fi so people can create a wide variety of useful smartphone tools. They can also communicate with the Arduino open source electronics platform to enable makers and tinkerers of all levels to develop an array of imaginative tools and projects such as digital scientific instruments or home tools like an automatic guitar tuner.

Using Delphi to create an application development solution, even a tiny one, is a significant undertaking. RAD Android is an amazing example of how native development can unlock the power of the Android platform, given a dedicated and talented developer with the right skills and tools for the job. 

This video shows RAD Android in action:

Or visit the Google Play store and install this free app for yourself!
Interested in submitting for the Embarcadero’s Cool App contest? It’s open to any business or consumer application built with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Embarcadero awards Cool App contest winners a $500 Amazon gift card and winning submissions are also highlighted on the company’s YouTube channel. For more information on the contest and a link to the submission form, click here.


Server Maintenance and Future Enhancements

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Please note that our online Docwiki, Embarcadero Forums, EDN Member Services and some of our support systems are currently not accessible. These systems were taken down for maintenance over the weekend when we identified some additional issues that we are resolving promptly. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and hope to have these systems back online soon.


We wanted to also take this opportunity to talk about some of the planned customer portal enhancements over the next six months. As you are probably aware, our EDN site is quite dated as it has been in use for many years. It has a lot of functionality that we know many customers like, but some that are no longer used extensively. We have started an effort to migrate to more modern platforms, such as the one used by our Community Portal. That initiative has been hugely successful and we want to migrate the rest of the functionality.


Over the coming months, we will start to introduce some of these changes. Some of these are specifically aimed to increase the value for customers on active Update Subscription. We are committed to providing ample communications for any significant changes. For example, Code Central has a long history of downloads. The way we assign these also has made tracking Code Central IDs to specific downloads difficult and resulted in many obsolete IDs. Legacy downloads will likely be folded into a new Update Subscription customer-only section of the Customer Portal. We also plan on making it easier for customers to track cases they have logged, access current and previous version downloads, view licenses and more. 


We don’t expect those changes in the coming months to result in any system downtime, but if they do, we'll make sure to promptly notify you.


As always, serving the community very important to us and we appreciate any feedback. We are always looking to do better. Thanks!


Hotfix 1 for InterBase 2017 Update 1

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Applies to Product

InterBase (InterBase 2017 Update 1) which was available for download between dates  September 19th 2017 and October 23rd 2017.  


The reason for this hotfix is a crash bug with no workaround in InterBase 2017 Update 1 ( A description of the resolved defects in this hotfix has been added to the Udpate 1 release page at:

Recommended Action

If you have deployed to customers or are using for development InterBase 2017 Update 1, please install this critical update as soon as possible.

How to Get the Hotfix

You can download a patch kit for Windows from

For all platforms, see InterBase registered users download page at

For InterBase 2017 Developer Edition and ToGo Edition: Please install via GetIt in RAD Studio (after uninstalling a previous version of InterBase 2017, if you installed it). This applies both to IBLite/IBToGo and the InterBase Developer Server.

The new version is build

What if I have InterBase 2017

but have not applied Update 1?  Skip InterBase version and install the new build (Update 1 with Hotfix 1).


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: