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Hello everybody!


I really need help: I can't find anywhere any guide to connect a FMX application to a websocket server. In my specific case, I have done a little WS server in PHP and Ratchet and it works fine. Now I need to send and get datas through this WS in my Firemonkey project. I have found some components, but still it's not clear how to use them, becouse I cannot find any guide for Berlin (and because I'm new to Delphi language). Can you help me please? Thank  you in advance!

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    Wednesday, November 23 2016, 02:04 AM - #Permalink


    I used the eSeGeCe websocket components (http://esegece.com/) on an Android app a year or so ago.

    They worked well connecting to a server running on an Arduino Yun. There were some timing out issues but I believe they were in the server rather than the app.

    The components come with a reasonable installer if I remember correctly.

    The components I used were TsgcWebSocketClient and TsgcWebSocketClient_SocketIO.

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      Saturday, September 16 2017, 04:39 AM - #Permalink
      Hi ,
      I download the  Delphi / C# WebSockets Components 4.0.0 Compiled and Delphi / C# WebSockets Components 4.1.0 Trial both and trying to compile as procedure mention in the Install.txt but I am getting below error
      [DCC Fatal Error] pasall.tmp(54): F2613 Unit '..SourcesgcIWWebSocket.pas' not found. 
      I want to use Web socket client and I am using Rx10.1 Berlin.
      Please help how I can get the .bpl file to use the components.


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      Thursday, September 07 2017, 10:01 PM - #Permalink

      Hi all,

       Can you tell me web socket communication in delphi. My requirement is to send data using wss url request to cloud.

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      Thursday, November 24 2016, 02:40 AM - #Permalink

      Hello Vince and thanks for your answer! First of all, this component seems right: i tried (following the instructions on the manual) to install the components and use them for connect to a websocket, and all went good... but then I realized that every component supports only Win32! May be I did something wrong installing the package? I followed step by step the .pdf manual just to avoid any mistake... Besides what the manual says, I have to do something in particoular?


      By the way, the manual says basically to add library path to the compiler, then open the project group of your IDE version (D10_1 in my case), then compile and install. I can't figure out the problem -.-



      Vince, thank you very much. After a few tries, I realized that I should compile and install component over any platform I need. I thougt one compilation and installation would be enough. So now I solved the problem. Very, very thank you.

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