Using math libraries for bode plotting competible with Builder XE2 c++


Hi, I use XE2 Builder c++. I faced with a problem, that I need to plot bode diagram of "Notch" filter in my application. It's simple to do through matlab or Octave math libraries, but difficult to program this algorithm on my own. So to solve my problem I need to include MatLab or Octave math library to my project in order to use necessary functions in my code and plot bode diagram. But, as far as  I know, MatLab has stopped to work with Embarcadero, so I can't use MatLab libruaries for my porposes with Builder XE2 c++. And I haven't found any solutions how to incude Octave math functions to Builder XE2 c++ as well. But they still good work with VisualStudio. So, can you offer alternative solution for me?

Where I can get math libruary for bode plotting compatible with Embarcadero?  Best regards, Alexander Bitko.

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    Friday, March 02 2018, 01:51 PM - #Permalink

    Drew Research has components for C++ Builder for bode plotting.

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