Unsupported Android Vodafone VFD 200


Phone manufacturers provide Windows USB Debugging drivers so their phones show in the IDE as valid targets and our apps can install.

I bought two cheap androids, Vodafone VFD 200. 

Although they show as devices on Windows 7, they do not show in the C++Builder IDE so I cannot use them.

Vodafone's technical support say they are unsupported. 

What can I do as a work-around, so I can install an app and send this phone off.

If there isn't a solution, is this "unsupported phones" going to be a growing problem that we ought to be aware of ?

If so, could we have a better understanding of what all these drivers for USB Debugging are doing. 

Or is it something really simple which I need to add to my How-To guide.  (I've enabled Developer Mode and Allow USB Debugging on the phones).



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    Saturday, September 16 2017, 11:38 AM - #Permalink

    You can try adding an other Android USB driver.

    I had a similar problem with a Wiko Mobile phone. Installing the HTC driver fixed my problem and it works well.

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