Spent hours creating a View for 5 Inch Phone but the IDE keeps changing it back!


This is really driving me mad.

I am creating a C++ Builder Fire-monkey app targeting Android devices mainly. I have all the app working fine under Master View, it runs fine on my 7 tab without changes. My target device though is a 5" android phone, so I selected 5 Inch view from the IDE and started making the changes I require to make the screen fit the device. So I spent several hours shrinking and moving items to fit into the 5 phone view and sent it on multiple occasions to my connected phone to see how it looks. Then I wanted a break, so I did what everyone does, saved (again) and closed the IDE.

When I came back and started the IDE, launched the project and selected the 5 Android Phone view, all the text sizes had reset to what the were before I started! The color changes had been saved but not the important resizing work I spent ruddy hours on!

Is this a known IDE issue using C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2.1

Screen grab before exiting IDE after save

Image AFTER relaunch IDE


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