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We recently upgraded our c++ client using Embaracadero Tokyo 10.2 C++ Builder Update 1.  The client is using our own web service which has not been upgraded and built using Borland/Codegear C++ Builder.  We have tested and deployed the client.  In production, under certain situations (mainly slower connections), we are getting this error message.  Looks like this message is displayed when our backend/database operation crosses 30 seconds at which point we are supposed to see a time out message.  Instead this error is shown.  Not sure how to trouble shoot this issue.  Is there a possibility of incorrect handling of error messages between the client and the web service.  We never had this issue with our old client compiled using Codegear C++ Builder.


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    Friday, November 10 2017, 07:43 AM - #Permalink

    I had a similar problem with after recompiling an application in Delphi 10.2.  The most relevant information I found was here:

    I increased the timeout on the web service calls by replacing this

    WebSvcClient := GetWebSvcPortType( False, WebSvcURL);

    with this

    RIO := THTTPRIO.Create(nil);
    RIO.HTTPWebNode.ReceiveTimeout := 60000;
    WebSvcClient := GetWebSvcPortType( False, WebSvcURL, RIO);

    where GetWebSvcPortType is in the Delphi-generated unit for the web service.  The timeout is in milliseconds.

    Hope this helps.


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