RadStudio 10.2 Tokyo clang error reading dfm files



I have an existing c++ project that works well with the RadStudio 10.2 classic compiler, but when compiled with the clang compiler

I get the following error during creation of the forms (when reading the forms .dfm file):

.Color: is not valid integer value.

It seems that RegisterIntegerConsts is not called for the form components.

This happens with static and dynamic linking.

Is there a way to fix this problem? At the moment it's simply impossible to use the clang compiler due to this bug.




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    Thursday, July 13 2017, 04:07 AM - #Permalink

    >> when reading the forms .dfm file: Color: is not valid integer value.


    - I thing, that Color defined incorectly. You can corect, if look .dfm in text mode.



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    Wednesday, July 12 2017, 10:48 AM - #Permalink

    Can you please provide a sample Project File showing this?

    Embarcadero has not seen this before, so maybe something specific in you Project file is causing this behavior?

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