RadStudio 10.2 Tokyo clang error reading dfm files



I have an existing c++ project that works well with the RadStudio 10.2 classic compiler, but when compiled with the clang compiler

I get the following error during creation of the forms (when reading the forms .dfm file):

.Color: is not valid integer value.

It seems that RegisterIntegerConsts is not called for the form components.

This happens with static and dynamic linking.

Is there a way to fix this problem? At the moment it's simply impossible to use the clang compiler due to this bug.




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    Tuesday, September 05 2017, 01:08 PM - #Permalink

    I'm having exactly the same issue. Was a work-around ever found?

    The app compiles and runs just fine in bcc32, but when I compile it with Clang and run, I get:

    Project ModuleViewer.exe raised exception class EConvertError with message ''clWindow' is not a valid integer value'.

    This happens when the main form is created with Application->CreateForm(__classid(TModuleViewerForm), &ModuleViewerForm);

    If I remove Form.Color from the DFM, I just get the same error on the next "cl" color enumeration in the DFM.

    I have other Clang projects that are working just fine, and only a few of them are having this issue.


    Here is the call stack at the time of the exception:

    :74ec0212 KERNELBASE.RaiseException + 0x62

    :0044ec1e System::Sysutils::_16701 + 0x1E

    :004ecd9e ; ReadProperty

    :004ec5ee System::Classes::TReader::ReadDataInner + 0x1A

    :004ec5a1 ; ReadData

    :004f706e System::Classes::TComponent::ReadState + 0x6

    :0069749a ; ReadState

    :004ed5b4 ; ReadRootComponent

    :004e761f ; ReadComponent

    :004ded58 ; _17074

    :004e04b8 ; _17096

    :004e0546 ; InitInheritedComponent

    :00696917 ; TCustomForm (fastthis)

    :00404E01 Vcl::Forms::TForm::TForm (fastthis)(this=:06513B80, __ctor_flag='\0')

    :004049F8 TModuleViewerForm::TModuleViewerForm (fastthis)(this=:06513B80, __ctor_flag='ÿ')

    :006a1ebd ; CreateForm

    :004041BD WinMain(:00400000, NULL, :03795C49, 9)

    :006f3f24 ; __startup

    :77b74a47 ; ntdll.dll

    :77b74a17 ; ntdll.dll


    I have a small project that I can provide if it is helpful.


    Jeff Wilhite

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    Thursday, July 13 2017, 04:07 AM - #Permalink

    >> when reading the forms .dfm file: Color: is not valid integer value.


    - I thing, that Color defined incorectly. You can corect, if look .dfm in text mode.



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    Wednesday, July 12 2017, 10:48 AM - #Permalink

    Can you please provide a sample Project File showing this?

    Embarcadero has not seen this before, so maybe something specific in you Project file is causing this behavior?

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