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Hello to all!

I am trying to learn to programming and since this I am there with one question.

Recently I have downloaded a new Delphi Tokyo 10.2 Starter edition (which is free). This is a cool IDE (early I have been using Lazarus a little a bit). I have install Delphi Starter on my main home machine, but sometimes I do a lot of stuff outside my home (not related with programming), so my home computer is not available for me. But when I am outside of home, all free time which I have could be spent to improve my programming skills. Having my personal laptop I am wondering, if I can legally install Delphi Starter Tokyo 10.2 on my laptop and work with it when I am not at home. But in the same time I want to be able also to have Delphi Starter Tokyo 10.2 to be installed on my home machine, so when I get at home I could use my home machine to programming.

Programming is just my hobby and I don't want to break the law with illegal installing Delphi on my personal laptop.

The clear question is: can I legally install Delphi Starter Tokyo 10.2 on two my personal machines?

FAQ for Delphi Starte Tokyo 10.2 says next:

"If a single user starts two instances of a Starter edition product, does that count as two toward the maximum of five?

Yes, if they are on separate machines or separate virtual machines."


But I would like to have more info about this question.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Sorry for my poor English(

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