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Hello everybody

I'm not sure, but the problem has been with Update 1 and not with Delphi 10.2 since update.Problem:When a new project (or older project created in an older Delphi version) is created and the project option (Project> Options ...) is openedan error is showing: "Logo can not be set: Invalid format" for four times (I assume that for all the logo 150x150 and 44x44 in debug and realease options is fired)

If I load the default logo Delphi, that means the same problem.

The same if I want to load a custom logo or the default Delphi logo manually.

DeployFile configuration = "Debug" Class = "UWP_DelphiLogo44"
 Platform name = "Win32"
  RemoteDir Assets  RemoteDir
  RemoteName Logo44x44.png RemoteName
  Overwrite true Overwrite
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Now, if I save the options, I can compile the project and it will run. After closing and reopening the same project, Delphi will no longer open the project:"Variant of type (zero) could not be converted to type (OleStr)"

To fix this, I need to delete the lines in the .dproj file that refer to the logo:



If I set a logo and change from "png" to "all files" and select the same logo as bmp no error is occur. So ... someone with the same problems or maybe with a solution?Thank you, Fabian Version:Embarcadero Delphi 10.2 Version 25.0.27659.118Delphi 10.2 and C ++ Builder 10.2 Update 1

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    Monday, November 13 2017, 06:48 AM - #Permalink

    hi Emailx

    Thank you for your solution, but i think it's not a Problem from Projects rather than from Delphi ide.

    If i create a new emtpy Project same issues. 






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    Friday, November 10 2017, 07:35 AM - #Permalink

    hi Fabian,

    try  delete ALL FILES CREATED BY DELPHI, because it will be  recreated when you open your project in first time.

    DONT TRY EDIT FILES MANNUALY, because Delphi ignore or will cause many error.

    when with problem with ICO, PNG, BMP, etc try get any file ICO, PNG, BMP, etc (with same caracteristcs) and copy it to your folder project with same name (replace) showed on error, for example. later you can change it in Options Project.


    good luck

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