ios deployment add files



In Project -> Deployment

I added file: language.ini

and set Remote path: Startup\Documents\

the code:

fileNew := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'language.ini');
ShowMessage('fileNew: ' + plikNew + ', is there?: ' + BoolToStr(TFile.Exists(fileNew), True) );

TFile.Exists returns False,

what am I doing wrong ?


RAD Studio Berlin, IOS deployment

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    Monday, March 20 2017, 06:04 AM - #Permalink

    Hi again...

    I've messed something, don't know exactly,

    and it started to work.


    here what I figured out:

    - added language.ini to Delphi project (is it necessary ?)

    - also added my test files (test01.txt, test02.txt, test03.txt) to projects

    - I noticed modify time of appName.deployproj has changed (i'm not sure if it existed earlier)


    I still don't know what is/was the problem ?

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    Sunday, March 19 2017, 03:22 PM - #Permalink

    checked many times...

    I've tried different Remote path


    please look at files test01.txt, test02.txt, test03.txt and language.ini

    I've tested it with code:

      LList := TDirectory.GetFileSystemEntries(dir);
      for I := 0 to Length(LList) - 1 do

    where dir was:

    - dir := TPath.GetDocumentsPath;

    - dir := GetCurrentDir;

    - dir := GetHomePath;

    no files found, except testMobile.sdb, but this file is created by application (not deployed).


    I've checked scratch dir on my MAC - all files exist


    maybe it's my mac problem ? I have Sierra OS, and using xcode 7.3 on iPhone 4s (9.3 IOS)

    one more thing: in IOS simulator I can see language.ini at TPath.GetDocumentsPath

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    Sunday, March 19 2017, 02:32 PM - #Permalink

    Double check that you are actually deploying the file in the deployment list. The deployment list is different for Debug and Release and it is also different for iOS32 and iOS64.

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