Integrating UIAutomationLibs into my C++ project


Hi all,


I tried to create a new DUnitX test-case using the UIAutomationLibs in a new C++-DunitX test-case.

I was able to create such a test-case in Delphi, but now I am struggling to do the same in C++.

In Delphi it was required to import UIAutomation component via import-components and add it to my project.

So I was able to something like this:


Just the code snippet from my Delphi test-case::





  UIAuto: IUIAutomation;
  element: IUIAutomationElement;


 UIAuto := CoCUIAutomation.Create;
 point.x := 5;
 point.y := 5;
 UIAuto.ElementFromPoint(point, element);


But I am not getting the same test working in the C++.


Could anyone point me to what I am doing wrong?

What I have done so far:

1.) I also imported the AutomationLibs as components to my project like in Delphi.

2.) I tried to implement the UIAutomation creation etc, but I don't get it working, perhaps that's just a leak of C++ knowledge.


Thanks in advance for your patience and Reply!

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