in the C++ builder VCL Componet What is mean DesignInfo?, and how can i control transparency


I find the DesignInfo in the TsEdit

but it is only retrun 0

so i don't now what is mean


and when i use 'sEdit->Enabled = false'

I can't find the how change transparency

I hope when i use 'sEdit->Enabled = false'

sEdit transparency is still 100%


How can i do that?

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    Wednesday, July 12 2017, 05:22 AM - #Permalink
    HSS, a "TsEdit" is not part of a standard-installation of C++Builder. DesignInfo is used internally and should NEVER be used by a (normal :-)) programmer himself. The "enabled" property of a visual component enables or disables a control (it can be reached/focused by an end-user): (as a simple example) Transparency is a different thing. What do you want to archive?
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