IDE with constant error of "Invalid Point Operation"


Guys, I have a problem that has got me pretty messed up, my IDE has presented constant errors of "Invalid Point Operation".I thought I might have some connection to third-party components, so I uninstalled all of them, leaving only the native Delphi components installed. However, the problem continues.The problem occurs randomly, sometimes with a few minutes of IDE use, other times after one or two hours of work. Apparently there is no "trigger" to trigger the problem, it just pops on the screen and this forces me to close and open the IDE again.Sometimes, I start a new project, I include some components randomly ... TImage, TButton, TEdit ... and suddenly the problem happens.I use:Windows 10 HomeDelphi Tokyo 10.2.2Thankful,Alexandre Amaral NT

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    Thursday, January 11 2018, 12:32 AM - #Permalink


    - some time ago I have similar problem too, but after repair Windows 10 registry and enable all ms services this disappear.



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