How do I get our Delphi app to run on Mac OS X


Please excuse this very basic question.

We have an app that was written a while back in Delphi and run on Windows.

Is it possible either ;

a) compile on Windows to run on Mac OS X


b) simply take the source code across to a Mac with a Mac Version of Delphi (does it exist ?) and compile for that platform ?




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    Saturday, May 20 2017, 01:39 AM - #Permalink

    You may also try using MIDA converter.


    See more on your question here:




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    Friday, May 19 2017, 01:33 AM - #Permalink


    If it has been written "a while back", it's very likely that you will have to port it to XE 10.2 Tokyo and make the changes for it to recompile correctly (may be Unicode string problems).
    Then, if it's a VCL app, it won't work on a Mac. You will need to change it to use FMX (firemonkey) equivalent components instead. I would recommend rewriting the app from scratch. Your code has all the guts (processes, intelligence) that you could copy-paste with minor adaptations, but you would certainly need to redo the entire GUI with FMX.

    If it was already in FMX, then you should be able to compile it for macOS assuming you have a Mac with Xcode on it for Delphi to be able to submit your code to Xcode and package/sign it for macOS.

    There is no Delphi Mac version. All the dev is done on Windows with RadStudio which takes care to submit everything to a Mac when needed (macOS or iOS apps). You can't skip the Mac on the side.

    Hope this sheds some light on your questions.


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