FireUI Live Preview not Synchronizing with my IDE RAD Studio


I just recently installed the FireUI in all my devices for my App development. In contradiction with its FireUI function to sync with my devices, it appears that it is not synchronizing. I am not sure if I missed something.

Here are the background of what I did so far:

  1. I am using mac with parallel desktop as my virtual for windows.
  2. I used wifi(bridge) for my network connection.
  3. The fireUI of my devices (mac, iphone6s+, windows, samsung android) are able to connect.
  4. The RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 confirmed its connection.
  5. When I created multi-device form in RAD Studio and put some controls like tchart, tbutton, tlistboxes, radiobutton. None except one of the listbox appeared in my mac and windows, but the rest are none.

I search over the internet and I found minimimal posting related to FireUI except those introductory postings but no troubleshooting such as this case i have.

Appreciate if someone could assist me on this.

Thanks & cheers!


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    Friday, April 21 2017, 11:06 PM - #Permalink

    Hi Sarina,

    I've researched a lot regarding FireUI Live Preview but no avail. Support is not much these days for FireUI (sorry to say that).

    I have installed FireUI App Preview on both my Android and iOS devices. I am using mac with virtual machine Parallel Desktop. Already activated FireUI broadcast in my RAD Studio. Setup my virtual machine on the Wifi(Bridged). I got the correct IP Address for connection.

    But still cannot get preview access from my devices. Even on my Mac and Windows FireUI nothing at all.

    I just need a quick advise if FireUI Live or App Preview really works? or you need some more tweaks to finally release these. So I can start to look other options. FireUI is so promising but if it needs further updates or improvements please let me know.

    Other thing, does my router has something to do with the connection??

    Taking my chances... quick advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    Sunday, March 26 2017, 02:08 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Sarina,

    Appreciate the response. However, I am still having trouble connecting with FireUI on my devices iPhones and Androids.

    I am using Mac with Parallel Desktop Wifi(Bridged). I am not so sure if this has something to do with my wifi router. Because during late night when no one is connected to internet, the FireUI works. But that sounds weird to me because why it has something to do with the bandwidth??

    Here's the scenario:

    I ran FireUI Live Preview in my devices and no scanned device is being picked up. So I clicked the advance and indicate the IPAddress which I got from my Windows cmd:ipconfig. Remember that I setup connection using Wifi(Bridged) as indicated in the instructions.

    I downloaded the app 'FireUI App Preview' from appstore for iOS and google play for android. For my mac took it from the files along with RAD installation.

    I will appreciate any further help.

    Thanks and Cheers!


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    Wednesday, March 22 2017, 12:37 PM - #Permalink

    Hi Cioden,

    Have you tried to download and install the FireUI Live Preview apps through the app stores? Please see



    Jim McKeeth has a great technical step-by-step video on the Live Preview functionality:


    Third party components like TeeChart are not supported by default. Please see:





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