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Hi Experts,

I apologize if this may be a simple or dumb question, I am new to Data Architect.
I have created a new Diagram, based on one of our DBs, and want to upload the Diagram to our Repository.
When I attempt to do this, I receive:

The Navigational Id, 28, could not be found in the SRTF Section, DDENTITYSECTION, in the request container.

I have not added any Data Dictionary items, beyond what is automatically created when we first create a Diagram.
If I create an new blank Diagram for testing, I do not receive this error.

Any ideas what I am missing?


Update: I found a workaround. I was able to upload a blank Diagram. Check that out and merge with our DB schema. Then check that back in without any issue. If anyone does know what causes the issue above, and possibly how to fix it, that would be great!

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    Monday, May 15 2017, 09:10 PM - #Permalink

    I also had this exact problem with a diagram I reverse-engineered from an existing database and the OP's workaround worked for me (though it wasn't perfect as it messed up all my carefully placed relationship lines!).

    @AnilTX - in my case the diagram was the first and only entry, so unfortunately a non-unique Diagram name appears not to be the issue...




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    Thursday, April 20 2017, 01:43 PM - #Permalink

    Hi, Please ensure that the Diagram name is unique when trying to save to the Repository for the first time.

    This should fix the issue.


    In the future please post your questions on our forum at





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