Delphi XE4 Professional software error : E2003 : Undeclared Identifier: 'TADOXCatalog'..

We are using Delphi XE4 Professional version since Sept 2013. It was working well. We have developed applications based on this.
But recently, our PC was infected by virus and need to be formatted. Hence current delphi installation has gone.
After re-formatting the PC hard disk, we have re-install the delphi software and registered also.
Our earlier software is using TADOXCatalog component to generate database. Hence in new installation also we have installed the same. Pls refer attached screen shot (ADOX Component Installed.jpg).
But even after this component installation, when we compile our earlier project, we are getting error 'E2003 : Undeclared Identifier: 'TADOXCatalog'. Pls refer screen shot attached (TADOXCatalog Undeclared Identifier.jpg).
Can you please guide us how do we remove this error so that we can continue with our development.