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          Hi, we have some enterprise licenses Delphi XE2, some unused. We need to know, in the case of assignment of the license from one machine to another, the correct procedure to register the license to the new machine. Is it mandatory to communicate the change of the associated machine to Embarcadero support? Thanks and regards Alessio

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    Monday, March 20 2017, 08:08 AM - #Permalink

    Why is the only answer to this from someone who DOES NOT OWN XE2.

    Is there none of the estimated 3 million Delphi developers using XE2?


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    Saturday, July 23 2016, 07:13 AM - #Permalink

    Hello my Friend I do not own XE2 but i can imagine how the things goes.

    From My experience with the Embarcadero license system i assume you make an online activation 

    First you open your rad studio xe2 and you go to the License Manager if you do not have that option to your menus as Berlin does then you need to go to the folder that you have installed XE2 and look for a file named LicenseManager.exe or something like that it resides on the same as the bds.exe file.   You open it and you click register to see the registration code   --->  you need to run the license manager to the NEW MACHINE you want to install or transfer the license because there it will show you the NEW registration code e.g. "1326425"  after you have that code you need to go in a website that embarcadero gives you a SLIP file...  That SLIP file is the new license for that machine with the new registration code.

    Embarcadero has a counter to the Registration Codes and this is done so they can keep track how many machines or howmany installations have been made for that license and this is most to protect their property software. 

    Then from the Licensemanager.exe you click the import option and you will select your new slip license to the target machine... It is adviced todo that while you install the software to the new machine and you get to the point that ask you for a serial key or license ... if you dont have those you can try install a trial and then import the new license all that to the new machine. 

    have a look here 

    How to install and register without internet acess


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