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I'm developing a Windows app that requires recording microphone input, mic volume control, FFT on the input stream, saving and playback of the Audio file in addition to display of both the Audio and FFT spectra.

There are numerous resources online that deal with parts of this requirement but many date back to the 1990's - most are written in C++ anyway. Resorting to the MSDN doesn't help much in choosing the functions available in Tokyo using the VCL which from MMSystem appear to be:

  • Waveform Support
  • MCI Support
  • Multimedia Support
  • MIDI Support
  • Mixer Support

The latest Windows audio functionality seems to be using WASAPI or EndPoint - which are not supported in the VCL (as far as i can find).

As far as I can make out MCI is basically deprecated for a decade or so. So what would be the best audio system for my requirement?

Which one is the most 'up to date' and likely to be retained (i.e. not deprecated) for the longest possible time bearing in mind that I'll need to run FFT on the audio buffer?

I've been chasing my tail somewhat going through the MSDN literature and somewhat confused which is the most applicable recent incarnation of the Audio interfaces available within the VCL.

This is my first attempt at an app like this so any advice on which route to take would be appreciated. Thanks.


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