Cannot Compile or Run anything from my version of Berlin 10.1


1.  None of the sample programs run, always missing things;

2.  when I create a simple button program I get Platform Var1able  "BNB" error; and

3.  I Import a ActiveX Component (TWebBrowser) it is not available to me at design time.

What is going on with this version of Berlin 10.1 Surely I should be able to download a program (Delphi Berlin 10.1 in Windows 10) and it will run straight away without all these setup problems.

John van der Linden

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    Monday, March 20 2017, 03:32 PM - #Permalink

    1.  and 2. are corrected by Tools, Options, Environment, Environment Variables, Select: Platform, Edit and change "BNB" to "Win32". I have no idea why or what BNB means.

    3.  Importing Components you have to first be in the environment you will be programming in: ie. VCL Form App - Delphi, then import your Component and it will only apply to VCL Form App - Delphi. For Multi Devices App - Delphi you have to import again.

    Again, defaulting to a system that work would be nice, this nearly caused me to go back to Visual Studio.


    John van der Linden

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