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I've been assigned the task to make an old C++ Builder 6 project build again. Some questions:

1. Is it even possible to obtain the C++ Builder version 6?

2. Even if I can obtain a version 6, is it even possible to run it in Windows 10?

3. It doesn't look like version 10 support this older .bpr project format, so I guess I can't import it that way?




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    Friday, May 19 2017, 08:01 AM - #Permalink

    Hi Johan,

    I still support applications written in C++ Builder 6 but I run it on a Windows XP machine.

    It always did used to be possible to import *.bpr and *.bpg files into the new versions of C++ Builder

    but maybe this has gone for version 10.2. However it didn't always work that well and there are many

    more configuration settings that are worth considering for the newer RAD studio projects. Usually the

    best way to proceed is to start a new project in the latest version and then add in all the *.cpp files that

    are listed in the *.bpr file.

    The big change (which came in immediately after C++ Builder 6) is that String is now a UnicodeString

    (in C++ Builder 6 it was an AnsiString). This usually needs some recoding.

    It's worth moving forward though. I wouldn't want to develop any new code in the C++ 6 IDE now I'm

    used to the latest version.

    Regards, Roger



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