Rejuvenate with Delphi in Nature's Lap

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    Feb 01 2018 at 10:00
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    Feb 03 2018 at 17:15
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    (GMT+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Del
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    Rejuvenate with Delphi in Nature's Lap
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    When: 01 & 02 Feb for Delphi sessions and 31st Jan(optional) & 03,04  Feb for sight seeing in group

    Where: Shillong City, India (


    Duration: Delphi Sessions - Two days,    Total Stay including Sight seeing tours : - 3-4 nights

    Approximate costs: Course is ALMOST free, ....participants traveling from within India $250-300 for Air-tickets+Accommodation, those from other countries may add the international fare to it to get estimates

    We are planning a two days Delphi training event along with some local sight seeing etc, total 3 or four nights in Shillong , Meghalaya (India) ( in the month of January 2018 . It would be on cost basis (no profit no loss) The approximate cost for people traveling from within India shall be roughly $250-300 for travel plus accommodation .... Any of you interested may please ping me for any additional information.  The tentative points which we plan to cover are as follows:  :
    a) Guide as how to Configure Android devices as well as MacOS X system (may involve VMs), Linux (VM on same system) and iOS emulator on windows laptops brought by participants for multi-device development.

    b) Demo Migrating one old Delphi (version 3 or version 5) VCL project to Multi-Device app running on max possible platforms (depending on project type and scope)

    c) Demo with tools, how to reverse engineer in ethical manner, one running Delphi application (binary files only without any source) and get some source files dumped out from system memory

    d) Tips and tricks and tools to quickly understand an enterprise level big old Delphi project (if source plus binary available) even if several forms are actually being created on run time

    e) Developing, Debugging and Working with DLL (legacy as well as COM) along with some tools
    and much more depending on requirements and requests from participants

    .......and a few more topics based on participants requirements and wishes.............


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