CodeRage XI - Productivity, Platforms and Performance -...

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    Nov 17 2016 at 06:00
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    Nov 17 2016 at 18:30
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    (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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    Online Event
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    CodeRage XI - Productivity, Platforms and Performance -...
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    Join us November 15-17, 2016
    for 3 full days of content.

    (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

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    Productivity, Platforms and Performance is the theme for this year’s CodeRage conference. This is our 11th conference, and runs from November 15-17, 2016.

    We’ve got 3 jam-packed days of engaging content—for developers like you. Please note that Day 3 is by invitation only to Update subscribers. We’re offering a wide variety of topics that center around Embarcadero products, related technologies, Object Pascal, and C++.

    There are two learning tracks available: one for Delphi and the other for C++Builder. A number of sessions are highly valuable for both types of developers. There are sessions for every skill level: general, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

    Keep reading to learn more and register for the conference below.

    This year, the presenter line-up is still being finalized, but already includes many names from the community leading experts including: Marco Cantù, Nick Hodges, Ray Konopka, Cary Jenson, Bob Swart, Sarina DuPont, David Millington, Pawel Glowacki, Stephen Ball, Bruno Fierens and many more!

    Our regular sessions will be an hour in length, including a 15 minute Q&A. We also have short lightning talks and quick idea sessions. The lightning talks will run consecutively, and the quick ideas will be broadcast between sessions.

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    It is thrilling for us to host these CodeRage events each year. We always get positive, enthusiastic feedback from developers. Don’t miss out! Click the link below to register.

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    (Subject to change)

     Lightning talks:

    • How to manage Exif from graphic files with Delphi app.
    • Debug logging in FireMonkey apps
    • Using your old phone as a security cam
    • Advantages of the Clang compilers
    • Using Delphi containers like TList from C++
    • C++ standard algorithms
    • Unique_ptr: How to mix it with containers
    • Load and store FireDAC dataset data directly from/to dBase files with no BDE
    • Access dBase data in your programs with no BDE
    • Live Mobile Application Logging on Desktop
    • FireMonkey Tips & Tricks
    • Metadata assisted automatic DB form generation for cloud data
    • InterBase - Customer Stories


    Thursday the 17th (All times in PST)


    Title / Track




    FixInsight: Finding Bugs with Static Code Analysis (All)


    Roman Yankovsky will show you how to use FixInsight's static code analysis in Delphi to find bugs in your code before your customers do.

    Roman Yankovsky TMS Software

    Roman Yankovsky is an Embarcadero MVP and the author of FixInsight static analysis tool for Delphi.



    Windows 10: From WinRT to Centennial

    (Delphi & C++Builder)

    Marco Cantu



    Modern Web Applications with Intraweb and Bootstrap


    Building Web applications with Delphi and Intraweb is possible since many years. If you start off using the standard template that comes with the latest Delphi versions, then your application will look and feel outdated and ugly though. There is an open source Bootstrap integration for Intraweb, which will move your Intraweb applications into this century. In this session I will show you how to build great Web applications with Delphi.

    Olaf Monien, CEO Developer Experts

    Olaf Monien has been working as an IT consultant for international companies for many years. His areas of special interest are software architecture, database design, Internet applications and mobile devices. Olaf is the CEO of Developer Experts, LLC, a US based company, Olaf is also the owner of EDV-Beratung Monien, a Germany based company. Both companies are focussing on consulting and training in the area of Delphi software development. Developer Experts is an Embarcadero Technology Partner. Olaf Monien is an Embarcadero Technologies MVP and maintains a strong relationship with Embarcadero's development team. Olaf received a Master of Computer Science degree and has more than 25 years of software development experience.



    TMS Aurelius Free Edition: An Overview (Beginner)


    An overview of the well-regarded ORM framework for Delphi, which now has a free edition for commercial use, available for Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

    Wagner Landgraf TMS Software



    Faster parallel programs with improved FastMM

    (Delphi & C++Builder)

    FastMM is a great memory manager but it can perform less than ideally in a multithreaded program. This session will present recent improvements in FastMM and show how to analyze and fix memory manager multithreaded bottlenecks in your application.

    Primož Gabrijelčič



    Create IoT solutions with Delphi and Arduino

    (Delphi & C++Builder)


    Create IoT solutions with Delphi and Visuino Connect to Arduino or ESP8266 type devices from Delphi using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, or MQTT over Internet.

    Boian Mitov is a software developer and founder of Mitov Software, specialized in the areas of Video, Audio, Digital Signal Processing, Data Acquisition, Hardware Control, Industrial Automation, Communications, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, parallel and distributed computing. He is author of the OpenWire open source technology, the IGDI+ open source library, the VideoLab, SignalLab, AudioLab, PlotLab, InstrumentLab, VisionLab, IntelligenceLab, AnimationLab, and CommunicationLab libraries, OpenWire Studio, Visuino, and author of the “VCL for Visual C++” technology.



    Creating a REST Client Fluent API with Delphi REST Client Library


    How to create a simple to use REST Client Fluent API using using Delphi REST Client Library and JsonDataObjects.

    Cesar Romero Silva, Trier Sistemas



    3 mobile killer Delphi & C++Builder apps, developer view

    (Delphi & C++Builder)

    "1C-RARUS is the biggest Russian software vendor, providing the most popular solution for accounting (more than 1 000 000 users). The company uses Delphi FMX platform for mobile app development, and we'll show 3 killer apps from inside (architecture, structure, component stack).

    Vsevolod Leonov (aka Seva), Embarcadero MVP, over 15 years of experience in complicated software development for Delphi development, evangelism and IT trainings. Developer lead at, biggest Russian vendor. Vsevolod Leonov, manager Vitaliy Krivyakov, developer MobilityLab, 1C-RARUS



    FireUI Multi-Device Designer Deep Dive (All)

    (Delphi & C++Builder)

    In this deep dive, Sarina will cover designing applications for multiple form factors using the FireUI Multi-Device Designer, native rendering support for FireMonkey, custom UI styling, FireUI Live Preview support and other key features for building applications for multiple platforms. This session will also include FireUI tips and tricks and frequently asked questions.

    Sarina DuPont Embarcadero Technologies Senior Product Manager



    Build a Secure Multi-device Application Using Embedded InterBase ToGo (All)


    Build a secure multi-device application using the embedded InterBase ToGo database to maximize data security using the embedded InterBase ToGo with both Database and Column Level Encryption. This session will also discuss multiple forms of database encryptions, including: - “Over the Wire” network encryption, - Strong Encryption (AES), - Database and Column Level Encryption, - Backup Encryption, and - Long Password Support (SHA-1) - How to Improve application robustness with Log-based Journaling, - Disaster Recovery and Automatic Crash Recovery capabilities - Demonstrate building a secure multi-device application using the embedded InterBase ToGo database.

    Al Mannarino, SC Embarcadero Technologies



    RAD Server and Web Clients

    (Delphi & C++Builder)

    A brief review of REST and showing how to use Angular and other web technologies with RAD Server.

    Jim Tierney Embarcadero



    Fast intensive data processing in your program using FireDAC (Intermediate)


    Make your intensive and complex data processes run at top speed inside your programs by leveraging your SQL database engine and FireDAC. SQL servers are designed by nature to handle massive amounts of data, so now you can take advantage of the extreme data processing power available in your SQL database engine by using FireDAC's extendable scripting architecture and its simple, yet powerful interactive debugging capability.

    Miguel Angel Moreno Systems Integrator & Consultant Electrical engineer and software developer with more than 25 year of experience. Independent System Integrator, Chief Technology Officer in Consumer Electronics company. Key programming languages: Object Pascal, Assembler, C++, SQL

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