Windows XP end of life April 8, 2014 - easily move your Delphi and C++ apps forward

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It's 2014. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP (Microsoft recently announced that they will continue to provide virus warnings until summer 2015). By moving, now, to RAD Studio XE5, Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5 you can move your apps forward to Windows 7 and 8 and take advantage of many of the new Windows features with support already built into our latest releases. You can also expand the reach of your apps to Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Before your customers and users exit Windows XP, you can easily update your apps to support 64bit, Unicode, Mac and mobile, new VCL styles, REST Client Library, Cloud, FireDAC's universal SQL database connectivity, DataSnap multi-tier architectures, Touch/Gestures and a whole lot more. You can be hyper productive using LiveBindings, IDE Insight and IDE version control integration.

64-bit Windows

To move your 32-bit Windows VCL and FM apps to 64-bit all you have to do is add the 64-bit Windows target platform in the Project Manager Window. All Windows technologies are 64-bit enabled including FireMonkey, VCL, RTL, the compilers and debuggers. We have lots of documentation, videos and blog posts to help guide you.

Videos show you how easily it is to move your apps to 64-bit Windows:

VCL Styles

Windows themes first appeared in Windows and have been expanded in subsequent Windows releases. Delphi and C++Builder have supported the Windows themes. First, we added the Project | Options | Application| Runtime Themes | Enable runtime themes choice. Delphi and C++Builder now have full support for customizing the look and feel of your VCL applications using styles and themes.

VCL style and theme classes

Videos to help you with VCL Styles

Unicode enabled since 2008

I recently blogged about Unicode support in C++Builder. You can find the information and numerous links at For Delphi developers we also have a boat load of information and documentation.

IDE Version Control Integration

The XE5 IDE comes with Subversion integration. Use "File | Open From Version Control ..." and checkout projects from your source code control system. All of our samples and code snippets are continually uploaded to SourceForge so you can easily update all of the samples to your hard drive.

If you want to use other version control systems, the IDE has "Version Insight" which is the IDE API and integration points we used in adding Subversion. Also on Source Forge are the source files to integrate for git and other integrations -

Need Migration Help?

If you need moving your Delphi and C++Builder apps forward to XE5, Windows 7/8, Mac OS X and mobile, post a comment or email me (davidi at We can schedule an online meeting, Skype session (davidi99) or a Google+ Hangouts on Air live broadcast. It will be cool to have a live session helping you move your project forward while other developers watched!
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