Travelling lights, FireMonkey 3D

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When I was travelling around CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine), I saw some really beautiful places and structures. Look at a pair of videos to see what impressed me plenty: Tbilisi (Georgia) TV tower, Minsk (Belarus) library. I tried to reproduce the similar “travelling lights” effect with FireMonkey. Truly speaking, I was totally unsure I would succeed, but this is FireMonkey! It means, if you have an idea, there are no obstacles to try it. No extra efforts to try with RAD methods for 3D programming.

I’ve simply created 3 verges of a cubic structure with TPlane (FireMonkey 3D component), and then have been having a great fun with programming “travelling”. I’m just switching the “material source” property for every plate. This is a fundamental change in FireMonkey 3D, as now “material” is a separate object of three possible types.

If you want to make something alike or prototype your way of Christmas lights for your house, use the following tip. Test your color switch scheme on small structures 10x10x10 or even planar 2D. And then use Mac (as I did to record the video) , which showed much better performance for 3D with more “light-like” colors.
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