RAD Studio 2010 - Touch & Gestures Part 1

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Finally! RAD Studio 2010 is just around the corner which means we can talk about all that new awesome "stuff" we've been working on. Chris Bensen and I have spent a lot of our time working on building a gesturing framework and integrating touch into the VCL. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming:


Most controls now have a Touch property, which hosts everything related to gesturing and touch.


The platform independant gesturing framework uses a mouse, pen or (single) touch and contains over 30 standard gestures (such as Left, Right, Up and Down). You can also record your own custom gestures using the Custom Gesture Designer.


There are 5 interactive multi-touch gestures (such as zoom, rotate and pan). Just like standard and custom gestures, interactive gestures are handled in the new OnGesture event.


The VCL includes dedicated gesturing components to integrate gesture recording and management into Delphi applications. These are the same components we've used in the designers.


The VCL also includes the super-cool touch keyboard control, allowing Delphi applications to be truly touch enabled and free from physical keyboards.


To be continued...


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