New blogging server and engine...

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So this is officially my first post on the live version of the Wordpress based blog-server. Lots of really cool new toys and features to play with. I'll miss some things like customizations and personal themes, but I'm promised that it's coming. No longer will I have to upload an image to my account and then reference them from my blog. This one allows me to upload attachments and images then inject the link. It even does thumbnailing for me.

OK, OK... so this stuff is expected these days for a blog engine... but after using, ancient by today's internet time, .Text, this is a welcome relief. Of course all of this won't make me any better of a blogger... I'll still suck as bad as I ever did as far as content and topics. :-) Oh and I just noticed.. the builtin post editor autosaves after a timeout... This sounds like an interesting IDE feature...
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