My Delphi 2009 Top 5

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What do you like the most in the new Delphi 2009? There is an interesting thread on Here is my personal Top 5:

  1. Full Unicode support throughout the product - from the new UnicodeString type in the compiler, throughout RTL, VCL and the whole IDE

  2. New Language Features in Delphi language - generics and anonymous methods

  3. New DataSnap architecture, based on DBX, for lightweight, client/server applications

  4. Improvements in the VCL including new Ribbon controls. A bunch of brand new VCL components, like TButtonedEdit, TBalloonHint, TCategoryPanelGroup, and improvements to existing ones, like new "Alignment" property in TEdit (finally!), support for images in TButton and many others

  5. Improvements in the IDE: new Class Explorer, new Resource Manager, Named Build Configurations and Option Sets, more flexible Project Manager.

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