May the road(map) rise with you

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These last few weeks we have had Embarcaderians out on the road talking about RAD Studio XE2 and FireMonkey. The reception and excitement around FireMonkey, in particular, has been infectious. Even though there is plenty there to learn about and play with we've been asked regularly about our roadmap. Our official roadmap is being updated, and not ready to be published yet, but I thought I would share, at a high-level, some of the technology areas in which we are actively working.

  • Frequent and regular FireMonkey updates

  • A Next Generation Delphi Compiler with multiple hardware/OS targets

  • Next Generation RAD C++ Compiler with multiple hardware/OS targets

  • 64bit RAD C++

  • Delphi and C++ iOS support

  • Expanded Mobile UI and Device support like Location, Camera, Accelerometers etc

  • Delphi and C++ ARM Support

  • Extended iOS Support

  • Android Support

  • Win8/Metro Support - Intel and ARM

As always look forward to customer feedback on our direction and priorities and plan to publish a survey soon to get your direct feedback. A full roadmap update is forthcoming.
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