[Delphi Tuts] DataSnap "Hello World"

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In this tutorial we are going to use Delphi XE5 to build the simplest possible DataSnap client/server system. The difficulty level of this lab is “Hello World”.

This step-by-step tutorial is intentionally very simple, so even not experienced Delphi programmers should be able to build projects described here. The objective of this lab exercise is to get familiar with basic steps needed for building DataSnap servers and clients.

Our system will consist of a server and a client applications. They will use TCP/IP as the communication protocol. The server will be implemented as Delphi VCL Forms application and the client will be FireMonkey Desktop Application. The server will provide two methods that a client can invoke: “EchoString” and “ReverseString”. In this demo we are going to build a very simple client with just an edit and a button. When a user clicks on the button, the contents of the edit box will be sent to the server, reversed and the result will be displayed in the edit.

Delphi Tuts: DataSnap "Hello World"
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