Cloud Security, For Real This Time: Homomorphic Encryption and the Future of Online Privacy

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That's the title of the presentation I'll be giving at CloudDevelop 2014, on October 17th, in Columbus, Ohio. If you read my blog at all then you're probably interested in where software development will be headed five years in the future. Two things I recommend that you study are proving systems and homomorphic encryption.

I've written about proving systems in the past, and will have more to say in the future, but today we'll talk about homomorphic encryption.

Homomorphic encryption will change the web in the same way that SSL/TLS did. I say this with quite a bit more confidence than I have in the past! If you remember the web in 1993, that's interesting to you. If not, imagine the web as a magazine which could show you ads, but required calling an 800 number if you wanted to make a purchase, and contrast that with today's

I have given two presentations with similar titles before. But this presentation will be an almost complete rewrite, just like the last. In the time since my first article on homomorphic encryption, it's gone from a gleam in a mathematician's eye to an open source DB access library. It's a fast-moving technology, which, thankfully, becomes more practical each year.

Interestingly, as the technology for cloud security becomes more practical, the need for it becomes more pressing.

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