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GERAR APK ANDROID DELPHI SEM DEVICE TARGET Confira no vídeo como gerar um APK Android Delphi mesmo sem utilizar o Emulador ou ter um dispositivo Android conectado.   Video not found or Youtube service not available   Confira mais dicas em: Até a próxima!...
Register for my upcoming Wednesday Delphi Developer Webinars I'm back from one week of trekking in beautiful Beskid Śląski mountains in Poland with my batteries fully recharged. I find doing webinars for Delphi developers a specially fun thing, so why not to schedule some for coming weeks? To keep it simple I'm going to standardise on 60 minutes sessions on Wednesdays starting at 11AM Amsterdam time (10AM UK). All webinars will be followed by a live Q&A sessions. If you have time and feel like hopefully learning something new, please register to my webinars using the links below: Please register for Building Delphi 3D Mobile Apps webinar on Aug 3, 2016 11:00 AM CEST at:
デベロッパーズ サミット 2016 夏 (翔泳社主催) [Japan]


翔泳社主催の 「Developers Summit 2016 Summer」にエンバガデロも参加し、セッションの一枠を担当いたします。

IoT, プロトタイピング、マルチデバイス開発 といったキーワードで、ライブデモとそのメリットをご紹介していく45分です。



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Brutally Roll Your Own is a video series on building a PUSH enabled mobile application from scratch, using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server for the back end, and Delphi for the mobile app. In Part-12 we complete the administrative part of the application and begin padding out the roaming part… Sign up for Linode by clicking here! If you select linode to host your back end, as I suggest in part 2 of this video series, please consider signing up through my referral link above. I host my servers (including this site) on linode, and this will help pay the bills! If you already have an acco...
InterBase – The Ultimate Embedded Database InterBase is the ultra-fast, scalable award winning multi-platform embeddable SQL database with commercial grade data security, disaster recovery and change synchronization. Join me on the 28th July to explore why OEM, ISV and VAR’s the world over are using InterBase to: Secure their application data Improve their product with commercial grade features Support best practice in data protection Lower their support demands Reduce their cost and improve profitability Register Now The post InterBase – Webinar – The Ultimate Embedded Database appeared first on Stephen Ball's Technical Blog.... I ordered two of these ISP Programming shields for my Arduino collection from Evil Mad Scientist, and decided to record myself assembling one of them. Just for fun. I purchased the boards from Evil Mad Scientist here: I was actually disappointed when the boards arrived… I was not disappointed by the product, but because I hadn’t properly read what I was buying! You see, I needed to be able to write boot-loaders onto Atmel328p chips so that I can build flight computers for my balloon experiments (using the chip and a board cut on my cnc mill, rat...

The replay for last Thursday's webinar, 'Useful C++ Features You Should Be Using', is now available. (or a direct Youtube link.) The presentation and demonstration starts at 0:00:00, and the live Q&A at 00:26:30. You can also find the slides on Slideshare, and download the source for David I's parallel programming demos. The presentation mentions - and explains the use of - Type inference, such as auto, giving examples including when replacing STL container types and iterating Lambdas - a quick overview of how they work, and examples of using them with STL algorithms Variadic templates and tuple<> Smart pointers (both shared_ptr and unique_ptr) ...

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TDevRocks - #TDevTips: Tips for everyone #TDevTips - Dicas para todos os gostos   O blog TDevRocks estreou há pouco tempo uma coluna chamada #TDevTips com o objetivo e transmitir ao seu público vídeos de todos os tipos e diversos assuntos diferentes. Nós já falamos de suítes de componentes que ajudam o programador Delphi a melhorar ainda mais suas interfaces gráficas. Falamos sobre classes para detecção de internet/rede em dispositivos móveis e até abertura de arquivos PDF em iOS e Android.   O blog vem se destacando no Brasil por trazer sempre assuntos importantes à toda comunidade. Convidamos todos os leitores do Community a também conhecer nossos canais de comunicação.    Facebook: You...

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Embarcadero has published on YouTube a nice video introducing RAD Server. If the embedded version below doesn't work, go to:

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Perfiles de audio Continuando con la entrada anterior del blog, donde hablaba de cómo acceder a las propiedades de audio de un dispositivo Android; La idea de esta entrada es avanzar un poco más en el tema y generar una aplicación que nos permita gestionar varios perfiles de audio en nuestro dispositivo. Una vez que vimos cómo acceder a la información del volumen actual, lo siguiente que nos interesa es poder almacenar diferentes perfiles, de forma que podamos seleccionar uno de los perfiles y configurar todos los parámetros de audio de forma rápida y automática. Además debemos poder editar los perfiles existentes, borrar os que no nos interesen y tener la posibilidad de crear nuevos. Contar...