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It’s exciting for us to share some more great news! Konopka VCL Controls and Radiant Shapes are now part of the free Berlin Bonus Pack - for a limited time. Read below to see what we are including in the Bonus Pack and learn more about the offer.

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I don’t know Russian, but I suppose I think I’m pretty good at recognizing Cyrillic characters and assuming it must be Russian. But I checked with Google Translate and it tells me this is Russian for “Network Fool game.” The video also includes some Cyrillic text on buttons and such, but no audio. It turns out Network Fool isn’t just a card game. It is an plugin for the chat system CommFort. Maxim describes the architecture pretty well: Since the text chat is a client-server structure I had to write the server side of the game – to store statistics and other calculations, as well as the client part. However, the client side is not so simple, it not only communicates with the server,...

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Ada Lovelace portrait
The problem with top 10 lists is they never include everyone, but this one goes to 11. My son helped me put this one together. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Throughout the ages, many great minds have arisen from the masses and changed the course of humanity for better or for worse. In the span of only a century humankind has advanced from barely being able to prototype our own armored combat vehicles to now being able to maneuver unmanned combat aeroplanes from the comfort of our own living room on the other side of the world using our watches and phones. How is it that we have managed such a radical feat? It is thanks to some of the greatest minds of our time; computer p...
GERAR APK ANDROID DELPHI SEM DEVICE TARGET Confira no vídeo como gerar um APK Android Delphi mesmo sem utilizar o Emulador ou ter um dispositivo Android conectado.   Video not found or Youtube service not available   Confira mais dicas em: Até a próxima!...
Register for my upcoming Wednesday Delphi Developer Webinars I'm back from one week of trekking in beautiful Beskid Śląski mountains in Poland with my batteries fully recharged. I find doing webinars for Delphi developers a specially fun thing, so why not to schedule some for coming weeks? To keep it simple I'm going to standardise on 60 minutes sessions on Wednesdays starting at 11AM Amsterdam time (10AM UK). All webinars will be followed by a live Q&A sessions. If you have time and feel like hopefully learning something new, please register to my webinars using the links below: Please register for Building Delphi 3D Mobile Apps webinar on Aug 3, 2016 11:00 AM CEST at:
デベロッパーズ サミット 2016 夏 (翔泳社主催) [Japan]


翔泳社主催の 「Developers Summit 2016 Summer」にエンバガデロも参加し、セッションの一枠を担当いたします。

IoT, プロトタイピング、マルチデバイス開発 といったキーワードで、ライブデモとそのメリットをご紹介していく45分です。



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Brutally Roll Your Own is a video series on building a PUSH enabled mobile application from scratch, using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server for the back end, and Delphi for the mobile app. In Part-12 we complete the administrative part of the application and begin padding out the roaming part… Sign up for Linode by clicking here! If you select linode to host your back end, as I suggest in part 2 of this video series, please consider signing up through my referral link above. I host my servers (including this site) on linode, and this will help pay the bills! If you already have an acco...

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I found this article on the top 10 reasons to be a Delphi developer. I’m curious what your top reasons to be a Delphi developer would include. Top 10 Reasons to be a Delphi Developer The job of a software developer is pretty interesting. You learn programming languages to develop a variety of software to digitize the world, but while doing this, you sometimes fall into situations where a small error takes away your sleep for many days and nights. The best of this experience comes out when you actually find the solution and give a tap to you with a smile on your face saying “OMG! Was this small issue making me restless?” It may happen with any software developer, but the final outcome i...
InterBase – The Ultimate Embedded Database InterBase is the ultra-fast, scalable award winning multi-platform embeddable SQL database with commercial grade data security, disaster recovery and change synchronization. Join me on the 28th July to explore why OEM, ISV and VAR’s the world over are using InterBase to: Secure their application data Improve their product with commercial grade features Support best practice in data protection Lower their support demands Reduce their cost and improve profitability Register Now The post InterBase – Webinar – The Ultimate Embedded Database appeared first on Stephen Ball's Technical Blog.... I ordered two of these ISP Programming shields for my Arduino collection from Evil Mad Scientist, and decided to record myself assembling one of them. Just for fun. I purchased the boards from Evil Mad Scientist here: I was actually disappointed when the boards arrived… I was not disappointed by the product, but because I hadn’t properly read what I was buying! You see, I needed to be able to write boot-loaders onto Atmel328p chips so that I can build flight computers for my balloon experiments (using the chip and a board cut on my cnc mill, rat...